Must-Know Travel Advice for a Cook Islands Honeymoon

Must-Know Travel Advice for a Cook Islands Honeymoon

Get to know the Cook Islands with these helpful tips for your post-wedding travels.






A hidden gem tucked away in the South Pacific, the Cook Islands pack a lot of luxury and adventure sans the hefty honeymoon price tag. Whether you’re relaxing at the beach or immersing yourselves in a scuba diving adventure, keep these tips in mind for your Cook Islands honeymoon.




When is the best time to visit?


Every tropical destination has a rainy season, and it lasts from November until mid-March in the Cook Islands. The waters surrounding the island at this time are pretty warm, but the temperature on land can be a lot cooler. Hurricane season, which lasts from December to April or May, also falls during this time.



So, when’s the best time to visit the Cook Islands? There’s really no “bad time” because warm temperatures are consistent throughout the year. If you’re planning your honeymoon on a smaller budget, consider visiting during the shoulder season (the weeks between the dry and wet seasons). Depending on where you’re traveling from, you can score lower rates at this time all while enjoying the islands with less competition from other tourists.



What should I pack?


If you’re planning adventurous activities for your Cook Islands honeymoon, take a GoPro to document your underwater photos and a durable – yet portable – camera for land explorations like four wheeling, biking or hiking.



In terms of clothing, prep for warm weather but bring a lightweight rain jacket just in case. For the beach, grab your swimwear, comfortable flip flops and even a few stylish cover-ups that you can accessorize for a night out, too.



Other must-have items to pack for the Cook Islands: bug spray, lots of sunscreen (if you burn easily, aloe too!) and rash guard. For downtime and the beach and layovers, bring books, headphones and plenty of playlists too.




How is the Wi-Fi service?


Oftentimes, cell phone companies can provide some sort of international package at a fair cost. However, the Cook Islands are pretty remote, so if you’re looking to purchase a Wi-Fi or cell phone package for your honeymoon, it likely won’t be inexpensive. This is great if you’re looking to completely disconnect from the real world for the entirety of your honeymoon, but if you do want a Wi-Fi package, many resorts and hotels offer options you can purchase to stay connected.