Nashville Wedding Photography

Nashville Wedding Photography


No matter the size of your wedding budget, one thing remains the same: you will spend a pretty good chunk of it on your photographer. Tradition dictates that just over ten percent of the cost of your wedding will go towards photography, but we hear time and again that brides are so thankful they didn’t try to save money on their photos. Because this can be such an important decision in your planning process we want to do our best to lay out the options, which means that we’re starting your search off right – with some of our favorite Nashville wedding photographers.



Streetlight Republic


A Nashville-based husband and wife team, this couple was inspired to start their wedding photography business, Streetlight Republic, shortly after they experienced the excitement of their own wedding day. Their beautiful work reflects their own desires to live in and seize the moment, and as a result their photos are artistic, fun, and truly breathtaking. Their dream version of your wedding day? You and your love without a care in the world, and Streetlight Republic there to capture each incredible moment for you to look back on later.



Phindy Studios


Another husband and wife duo, the artists behind Phindy Studios’ modern, lovely, photography seek to find the story behind each and every wedding they shoot. They firmly believe that photographing a wedding isn’t only about the look and theme of the day – it is also about the love, the laughter, and each little moment in between the big ones.



Ace Photography


Home to two of the top ten wedding photographers in Tennessee, Ace Photography is a studio that works hard to nurture personal relationships with their clients – with dreamy photos as the result. From the creative images to the optional photobooth rental, this company is all about the bride and groom and the love story the couple shares.