Organize Your Honeymoon Planning!

Organize Your Honeymoon Planning!



Honeymoon planning can be stressful, but these honeymoon planning tips are simple and effective in assisting you in organizing the chaos.



Honeymoon Folder


A folder that contains all your travel documents from passports to reservations makes it easy to keep track of these very important items. As you receive your confirmations, scan it electronically into an email folder on your computer and place the original in the actual folder. Place the copy in your luggage until you leave on your trip.



Labels Make Vacation Travel Easier


Because many pieces of luggage look similar, an unsuspecting traveler may mistake yours as theirs. By inserting a label inside with your names and a travel contact telephone number, it allows the person to contact you to return the luggage. Solid luggage tags preprinted with your names, home address, and cell number allows airlines to return lost luggage to your home.



Anticipate any Medical Needs


Plan ahead for any medical needs. Confirm any required vaccinations for your honeymoon location in advance. Order an adequate supply of any medications you take on a regular basis or will need during the flight.



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