Pack Wisely for Your Beach Honeymoon

Pack Wisely for Your Beach Honeymoon

Don’t overpack for paradise.


Beach honeymoons are among the most popular types of vacations for newlyweds. Relaxing in the sun and surf can melt away all of that wedding planning chaos and leave you feeling like yourselves again. Of course, what’s less than relaxing is hauling around giant suitcases because you brought more than you will need. Here are some simple tips for packing wisely for your beach honeymoon.


1. Maximize each item of clothing.

Bring pieces of clothing that can be turned into more than one outfit. Can that beach coverup be converted into a cute sarong for a casual dinner? Does that floral tank top coordinate with more than one pair of shorts? With the exception of a more formal outfit to wear on an evening out on the town, try not to bring anything that isn’t flexible with the rest of your vacation wardrobe.


2. You don’t need excessive toiletries and cosmetics.

Pack your essential skin care and toiletry items, but also remember that you don’t need to be ‘made up’ on your honeymoon. Limit the number of cosmetics you bring and adopt a natural, clean makeup look for your honeymoon. The most important thing is to bring plenty of sunscreen and moisturizer for your skin type. Things like winged eyeliner and matte lipstick are better left at home. Instead, find a convertible eyes/lips/cheek product for a pretty glow.


3. There are plenty of attractions and things to do once you get there.

Of course, you may want your Kindle and trusty crosswords for the plane, but you don’t need to bring your entire summer reading list to your beach honeymoon. There is plenty to do at most destinations, so come prepared to simply relax and be in the moment.