Plan a Mini-Moon Vacation!

Plan a Mini-Moon Vacation!

Every bridal couple needs some down time after the best (albeit busiest) day of their lives, but the state of the economy has inspired today’s newlyweds to ponder a mini-moon instead.

An increasingly popular wedding industry buzzword, a mini-moon is simply an abbreviated getaway that lasts only 3-4 days in comparison to one or two weeks. It is usually a location that is drivable or a very short flight away.


While it may seem too short of a vacation for some, most couples are surprised to find that a mini-moon may be the most fun they have ever had on a holiday. No matter the reason, if your wallet, your work, or your weary credit line has you seconding guessing that debt-soaked sojourn through Tahiti, here are some reasons and benefits of booking a mini-moon.



Why Choose a Mini-Moon over a Maxi-Moon?


The reasons for choosing a mini-moon over a maxi-moon are plentiful – the first being, money. Put simply, some couples need a more affordable option than a hefty honeymoon package. Even all-inclusive resorts require international travel and those tickets alone can break the already fragile bank. For others, time off work is limited or they don’t like to travel (it’s okay to admit it).


Besides, if a couple has a family vacation spot at their disposal, why would they book an off-shore suite? A mini-moon is the perfect excuse to explore your great state or neighboring ones you’ve never been to. A Los Angeles couple that has always wanted to visit The Golden Gate Bridge or a Bostonian bride and groom who have never been to Cape Cod can take this opportunity to see what they’ve been missing. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that honeymoons have to take place in exotic locations; chances are (no matter where you live) there is a wonderful destination a few hours away.



Luxury and Low-Key: The Benefits of a Mini-Moon


A mini-moon can be so much more luxurious and low key than a traditional honeymoon. A honeymoon budget can quickly become stretched between plane fare, cab rides, and daily excursions. Contrarily, a mini-moon has already saved you your travel budget and can lend itself to an elegant honeymoon suite at a quaint B&B or the best-of-the-best spa treatments at a renowned day spa. You may be surprised to find that the quality of a mini-moon is much higher.


While a traditional beach honeymoon may sound relaxing and low key, there is nothing more romantic than having some privacy. Skipping over-run hotels and crowded beaches allows newlyweds that one-on-one time they’re craving. A small cottage for two or a riverside cabin with a deck hot-tub can make for the perfect climate of calm and togetherness.



A Mini-Moon is a Prelude to Paradise


Some couples do intend to take a honeymoon someday. The only problem is that they can’t afford to right now. A mini-moon can act as that prelude to paradise. Instead of running to the airport post-reception, this couple can enjoy the party (you know, the one they paid a pretty penny for) and then leisurely take a few days off. A mini-moon allows couples to begin their life together while saving up money for that dream vacation along the way.



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