Planning a Honeymoon in Zanzibar

Planning a Honeymoon in Zanzibar



Located off the coast of Tanzania, this large island has a lot to offer. Full of rich history, gorgeous beach properties and ocean views, a honeymoon in Zanzibar is unlike any other.






With crystal blue waters, white sand beaches and cuisine as flavorful as its culture, what’s not to love about this island getaway? When planning a honeymoon in Zanzibar, remember to keep these things in mind.




When to Visit


The best time to visit Zanzibar falls from June to October. The weather is typically cooler at this time with temperatures in the mid to late-70s Fahrenheit. If you’re seeking warmer weather, temps climb from December to February.


Twice a year the island experiences wet seasons, which are generally the best times to avoid traveling here. The heavier ‘long rains’ fall from mid-March to late May. Meanwhile, the ‘short rains’ occur through November and gradually end in December just before Tanzania’s short dry season.



Things to Do


Zanzibar earned the nickname of ‘Spice Island’ based on centuries of history in the spice trade. Today, you can relive it by taking a guided spice tour, or sailing by way of a traditional Dhow boat to the small islands off of Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.





Set aside time to shop at the Darajani Market for a taste of local food and culture. You can’t miss out on the beach life either, whether that means scuba diving the reefs, relaxing in the sand or ending the day with a sunset cruise.


While the island offers plenty to do, you can combine your Zanzibar honeymoon with a trip to Tanzania’s mainland for the annual wildebeest migration. The dates of the migration depends on the seasonal rainfall’s timing, which generally starts in March or April.



Places to Stay


From villas and bungalows to beachfront hotels, there are several lodging options for your honeymoon. Pongwe, located on the east side of Zanzibar, is a popular spot for couples who want a more romantic, secluded beach getaway. On the north end of the island, Nungwi is a large village located near Kendwa, a thriving backpacker destination also known for its full moon parties.



Where you choose to stay all just depends on your style. Seek out recommendations before you book, and start browsing our Zanzibar honeymoon options.