Planning a Wedding in San Francisco

Planning a Wedding in San Francisco

Here are some of our Bay Area favorites to help you get started with your San Francisco wedding planning.


San Francisco. The City by the Bay, Fog City, the Paris of the West – this coastal metropolitan area has a long list of nicknames and manages to live up to each and every one beautifully. From the overcast mornings to its lively culture and incredible food, San Francisco is hands down one of America’s favorite places. We also happen to think it’s a great place to plan a wedding for locals and visitors alike, with dozens of vendors from venues to caterers ready and willing to make your wedding planning process a breeze. Here are just a few of our area favorites to help spark some inspiration and get you started down the path to wedding bliss.




San Francisco Wedding Venues


From seaside ceremonies to inland receptions, the wedding locations in San Francisco are totally varied and, quite simply, pretty. Cavallo Point, which has been honored on numerous “best of” lists as a top area venue, is far and away one of the most romantic San Francisco wedding locations around. The historic setting and old California feel of the lodge itself, combined with the option of cozy accommodations and tasty cuisine, is all understated elegance and an ideal backdrop for your day – and glimpses of the Golden Gate Bridge make for an unforgettable location for your guests.



San Francisco Wedding Photographers


As one of the Bay area’s premiere wedding photographers, Todd Parsons of Todd Parsons Photography gives his clients every ounce of his creative strength in an effort to create incredible images that match up with even the highest of expectations. He believes that choosing a photographer is more than finding someone who can take photos. It is also about connecting with the person who will be a part of some of the most intimate moments of your day.



San Francisco Wedding Cakes


We don’t want the subheading to mislead you, but when it comes to your wedding’s dessert table, we think that there’s room for much more than cake alone. And for an authentic taste of San Francisco, we have a long list of local bakeries. But because there’s not enough time in the world for us to cake taste our way through them all, we’ll stick to one of our favorites: Tartine Bakery & Café. The cakes are hunger-inducing, but the cookies and confections list is every bit as dazzling. We’ll take six dozen Mexican Wedding Cookies, please.