Puerto Rico: The Unique Honeymoon Destination

Puerto Rico: The Unique Honeymoon Destination

For a Caribbean experience like none other, pack your bags for a Puerto Rico honeymoon.

For the couple who likes to spend less time traveling and more time celebrating, Puerto Rico as a honeymoon destination is not only a short flight, but it’s also one of the world’s easiest islands to enjoy. From vibrant nightlife and verdant coves, Puerto Rico is one of the only places in the Caribbean that harbors neon sea life and falls under U.S. jurisdiction. If you want to feel like you’ve wandered into a tropical version of your favorite U.S. city, then let Puerto Rico sweep you off your feet.



Popular Tourist Attractions


Vieques: A small town seven miles off the east coast of Puerto Rico, you will find quaint beach-side inns and hammock strung palms. Vieques translates into “baby girl island,” but its 21 miles in length is more than enough paradise to spoil you. With only two towns to choose from, either Isabel II or Esperanza, couples can stroll the malecãn (boardwalk) by day and Mosquito Bay by night.


While the name Mosquito Bay may not entice you, this isn’t your ordinary Caribbean stretch of sand. When the sun goes down, the surf turns neon blue from the nearly 700,000 bioluminescent dinoflagellates (micro-organisms) that live there. Even non-nerds can get psyched about that.



El Yunque: With a name that means ‘anvil,’ you may expect to find the Coyote and the Roadrunner chasing each other in-and-out of its unspoiled natural beauty. Instead, you will find the only subtropical rainforest in the entire U.S. Forest Service. El Yunque has some of the most rare and ravishing waterfalls and panoramic vistas around. With world-class golf courses, luxurious accommodations, and incredible nature hikes to fill up your days, honeymooners who want to discover eco-tourism at its finest should head here. An even better trip would be visiting the El Yunque National Rainforest followed by a sailboat excursion.



The Most Unique Honeymoon Destination in Puerto Rico


Culebra: If you are the type of honeymooner that wants to skip crowds, do away with those pesky demagnetizing hotel key cards, and avoid obnoxious beach bar patrons, then Culebra is the place. One of the last undeveloped stretches of Caribbean beauty in the world & you won’t find hotels or shopping here & bungalows and private villas can be rented. If you want your Caribbean honeymoon experience to be like no other, then pack some sarongs, a pile of books, suntan oil (or SPF for the PC), and prepare from some good old fashioned one-on-one time. Isn’t seclusion and breathtaking views what a honeymoon is all about anyway?



Nuts and Bolts: Basic Puerto Rico Travel Info


Travel Document Requirements: This is one ‘international’ destination where you won’t need a passport if you are traveling from the U.S. Just pack your ID or driver’s license.


Currency: The U.S. dollar


Language: English and Spanish are both the official languages


Weather: The weather in Puerto Rico never hits the triple digits, staying in the mid-70’s to upper-80’s year round. While the hurricane season here seems to run a bit long (from June to November), those months should not be excluded by any means. In fact, some people love to visit during hurricane season because of low fares. The weather isn’t stormy that entire time; the rain just passes through more often.


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