Renew Your Vows at Couples Resorts

Renew Your Vows at Couples Resorts


For those couples that chose to have a traditional ceremony in a church, but secretly longed for a tropical wedding on a beach, now is your chance. Couples Resorts, with locations all around Jamaica, can give you the vow renewal of your dreams.





They offer a variety of packages, depending on how intimate or lavish you want your event.  Does this idea of just the two of you on a beach set your hearts a-flutter? Book the very affordable ‘One Love’ package. Complimentary with a stay over 6 days (and really, why go all the way there if you aren’t planning on staying awhile?), you can have a quiet ceremony in a resort garden or right in the white sand.


But if you are craving something a bit more over-the-top, you should consider the luxurious ‘Tower Isle’ package. After all, what is more rock star than having your vow renewal with 40 guests on your own private island? Between the open bar and the flower-laden surroundings, your guests will be glad they came!





No matter what package you choose, you can expect a relaxing and entertaining experience at Couples. Their wedding coordinators will do all of the heavy lifting, and ensure that your ceremony runs smoothly.