Savor the Second Time Around and Get Married in Saint Lucia

Savor the Second Time Around and Get Married in Saint Lucia


It’s time to plan the wedding, and you’ve been here before.  You want this second wedding to be special and celebratory, but the idea of throwing a nearly-identical event doesn’t sound like the way to do it.  So why not ditch the traditional and fly south?  Your nearest and dearest won’t mind soaking up the rays in Saint Lucia, and your wedding will be the perfect excuse for them to take a little vacay.



Sunswept Resorts has two locations in Saint Lucia that will give your wedding a lush backdrop and a relaxing setting.  First, plan your wedding at Rendezvous, a unique boutique hotel right on a white sand beach, and close to fascinating local landmarks to explore.  They are well-versed in wedding planning and have a staff to help you design your event.  Your guests will love staying at Rendezvous because it’s approachable, intimate, and beautiful.


After your wedding, make a change and honeymoon at The Body Holiday, a resort that specializes in luxurious relaxation and wellbeing.  Their award-winning wellness center has a wide offering of different therapies and beauty treatments.  And when you work up an appetite after all of this indulgent relaxation, The Body Holiday has five restaurants that all believe in local ingredients and well-balanced meals.


Your second wedding can be even more amazing than your first.  Cherish it at Sunswept Resorts!