Seattle Honeymoon: Day Trip to Bainbridge Island

Seattle Honeymoon: Day Trip to Bainbridge Island


While we’re confident that honeymooners in Seattle will be hard-pressed to run out of things to do (and places to see, food to eat, museums to wander) we like to keep in mind a very important motto for all things wedding: always be prepared. With that in mind, we bring to you a honeymoon day-trip worth taking you away from the city. Honeymoon planners, meet Bainbridge Island.



A Hop, A Skip And A Ride On A Ferry


A 35 minute ferry ride from Seattle (bring your car, your bike or your two feet and your favorite person), this glacier-carved island is a mere 10 miles in length and packed to the brim with community places and green spaces.  The Bloedel Reserve, a Northwest favorite and widely renowned public garden, is a prime example of the breath of city-free fresh air Bainbridge has to offer – well-loved gardens, walking paths and native trees.


Spend the day exploring the town’s arts scene at one of its several galleries or stop by a local winery (there are now eight on the island).  A weekend farmers’ market offers fresh produce and insight into the island’s community, which has worked hard to maintain its connection to small-town charm and country living.  Biking, while not exactly for the faint of honeymooning heart, (the island is notoriously hilly), to one of Bainbridge’s 58 parks offers a front-row ticket to some of the best local scenery.