Stress-Free Honeymoon Advice for Newlyweds

Stress-Free Honeymoon Advice for Newlyweds


We’ve all heard the horror stories of the newlyweds’ first big fight.  And usually it is on the honeymoon.  During your once-in-a-lifetime vacation that probably cost you some serious moolah.  The first big fight will, of course, happen.  It’s inevitable, and handling conflict is simply a part of marriage.  However, does it really have to happen in paradise?  Can’t it wait until you get back home where you aren’t paying $300 a night for a room with an ocean view?  Here are some helpful travel tips to keep that first fight at bay.




Be sure you are traveling somewhere you both want to go. 


Make sure that both of you are excited about your destination.  If you really wanted to go to the beach and he really wanted to go to the mountains, and now you are spending your honeymoon in a parka, chances are you might be acting a little passive-aggressive. And passive-aggressive is zero fun.  Find a location for your honeymoon that has elements you will both enjoy.



Pack as efficiently as possible.  


Do you know what doesn’t make a new husband happy?  Lugging around three suitcases because you needed an outfit for every hypothetical occasion. Pack well for your destination and with clothing that coordinates with other items so that you can maximize your outfit options.



Be organized with travel arrangements.  


This might sound a little crazy, but make sure to have all of your travel plans, reservation numbers and hotel contact info organized in multiple places.  Print out hard copies of everything to keep in your suitcase, and also save the info to both of your phones or tablets.  This way, if the hubby loses his phone, all will not be lost.



Talk ahead of time about budget goals.  


It’s no secret that finances can cause a lot of conflict.  If one of you is envisioning this honeymoon as an all-out, once-in-a-lifetime, live-every-moment vacay, and the other is already thinking about the mortgage, trouble is a-brewing.  Discuss your budget for things like dining out and recreation.  Do you want to use your credit cards?  Are you purchasing souvenirs for the families?  What spending compromises can you make?



Don’t be afraid to spend a few minutes apart.


If you have lived together before the big day, you probably already know the value of some real alone time.  Don’t get locked into the mindset that because you just got married you need to be attached at the hip.  Take a breather from this new married life if you need to.  Go for a morning jog on the beach. Browse separately in a bookstore.  Buy a cup of coffee at the corner cafe and peruse a newspaper.  Taking just a few minutes to yourself can help improve any bad attitudes and travel grumpiness (that we all suffer from at some point).



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