Sweets For Your New York City Wedding

Sweets For Your New York City Wedding


From Brooklyn to Manhattan, the sweep of New York City and its five boroughs is huge. Which means that wedding planning brides and grooms have one thing to keep in mind when putting together the details of their special day: the options are just about endless. And because we don’t want to overwhelm anyone (including ourselves!) with the number and variety of vendors in the Big Apple, we’ve decided to narrow our focus to one of our favorite topics: the dessert table.



New York Wedding Cakes & Confections


While the variety and flavors of the traditional dessert table have changed in recent years (cupcakes battling it out with cakes, pies making their way into the scene, the upsurge of donut towers), the popularity of wedding day desserts as a whole has certainly not waned. And though we admit that we’ll always love the classic cake cutting ceremony, we also acknowledge that room can also be made for new trends and the chance to personalize your day down to the last pastry.





We love Baked. A classic American style café and bakery, this Brooklyn-based shop specializes in the traditional sweets – although with a slight twist on the goodies Mom used to make. While the brownies are notorious, their wedding cakes are similarly hard to beat and come in an incredible array of flavors. In fact, if you ask us, wedding day perfection may only be possible to achieve when it’s accompanied by a slice of Sweet & Salty, a dark chocolate cake with caramel filling and a dusting of fleur de sel on top.



Georgetown Cupcake


A Washington D.C. original, Georgetown Cupcake has made its way to New York City with wedding-ready options in tow. Flavors range from timeless combinations to fully unique and customizable creations, and the presentation is always flawless. We’re partial to the Peanut Butter Fudge concoction, but their gluten free selection is similarly tempting, particularly for the food allergy sensitive.



Momofuku Milk Bar


Momofuku Milk Bar makes wedding cakes, and newly engaged metropolitan couples rejoice. Tiered creations packed with flavor and layers upon layers of fillings, these unfrosted cakes are an area favorite, and with good reason. The bakery accepts orders up to six months in advance, and also offers cookies, cake truffles, and their trademark crack pie as wedding favors and takeaways.