Take Your Wedding to Aruba!

Take Your Wedding to Aruba!

With some of the world’s best beaches and picture perfect sunsets, you and your wedding guests will never want to leave.


It can be difficult to plan a destination wedding. Especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with the country you are traveling to, you can be unsure of things like weather, accommodations, and making sure the little details are arranged to your satisfaction. When you plan a wedding in Aruba, it’s like a deep sigh of relief.  The weather averages a lovely 82 degrees year-round, and the country is below the hurricane belt.  They also have such an impressive list of resorts and wedding professionals to guide your process that rather than it feeling like losing control, it feels like someone else has lifted all the weight from your shoulders.


If you are planning a destination wedding, chances are you are more concerned about your guests than some of the other, more traditional details. You don’t need to worry about your friends and family! From affordable, family-friendly hotels to luxurious oceanfront villas with nary a child in sight, there is a little slice of paradise available for everyone. And with some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches and exciting cultural activities, they won’t be bored.


Your on-site wedding planner can help you arrange the technical and legal aspects of your marriage license in Aruba, but you also have the freedom to get married anywhere.  Known for sandy ceremonies at sunset, Aruba is also a bounty of other venues, including hilltop vistas, golf courses, hotel patios facing the ocean, and even underwater ceremonies in one of the many reefs!