The 4 Coolest Things About Honeymoon Registries

The 4 Coolest Things About Honeymoon Registries


Fine china, crystal goblets, and a 5-quart crock-pot may have been on your mom’s registry (and as a result of tradition, on yours as well), but today’s brides are finding that a honeymoon registry is much more their speed. With more and more couples living on their own before tying the knot, table settings, furniture, and bedroom sets are already in-hand.



Why Register for a Honeymoon?


Aside from a honeymoon registry being a welcomed sigh of financial relief for couples planning a costly honeymoon on their own dime, online registries are also fun to create for couples and easy to use for guests. For the traditional and non-traditional, here are the top four reasons why a honeymoon registry is a better fit for the modern couple’s needs rather than another round of teacups and saucers.



You Can Splurge on the Once-in-a-Lifetime Vacation


#1 Coolest Thing: You don’t have to travel budget-style. You will, of course, want to budget out your honeymoon no matter what amount of money you are working with. However, using a honeymoon registry gives you that extra influx of funds to indulge in spa services, five-star restaurants, and off-site excursions that most usually skip due to the hefty price tag.


#2 Coolest Thing: You don’t have to go into debt before you even change your last name. It’s a little dirty secret, but it is highly common for newlyweds to go into debt within hours of their first moment as husband and wife when traveling on their honeymoon. A honeymoon registry is a newlywed’s financial dream. It not only helps them go on their first vacation as husband and wife in-the-black, but it also helps them stay that way.



Practical Pluses for Choosing a Honeymoon Registry


#3 Coolest Thing: You don’t have to worry about transporting physical gifts. Most engaged couples met someplace away from home. Whether at college or in a new town working a new job, couples are very seldom from the same town or even the same state. Using a honeymoon registry allows family and friends that are spread out around the entire nation to easily give gifts that won’t have to be shipped to a wedding site and then shipped back to a home address.



#4 Coolest Thing: It’s the perfect way to recession-proof your honeymoon. Couples travelling on their honeymoon in this era may have a harder time than any other planning a luxury getaway. Some couples plan their registry so well that they return from vacation with money to spare. This can be a perfect way to end your honeymoon – by paying off a small chunk of leftover college debt or getting that new bed you’ve both been eyeing.