The Best Activities for a Tropical Honeymoon

The Best Activities for a Tropical Honeymoon

Ready for adventure? You’ll love these ideas for your tropical honeymoon.





Would you rather take a rainforest hike than spend a day at the beach? Is “biking a volcano” on your bucket list? If you answered yes to these questions, read on for the best activities for your tropical honeymoon.




Aquatic Adventures


While a sunny beach can be the perfect way to relax, don’t limit yourselves to just the sand. From the Caribbean to the Cook Islands, each and every tropical island has a unique underwater adventure to offer. Popular activities we recommend: snorkeling a colorful coral reef, scuba diving into a deep blue lagoon (bonus: diving a shipwreck), kayaking or paddle boarding along the coastline and enjoying the thrill of a powerboat ride.




Land Explorations


From lush jungles and rainforests to scenic mountain peaks, there’s plenty to discover out of the water, too. If you’re both total adventure seekers, explore the entire island by scooter, hike a volcano or travel off the beaten trails with bikes, dune buggies or even four wheelers.



Maybe you want to get out and about with some energy to spare. If that’s the case, go ahead and bike the island at your own speed, take a short hike or head to a golf course for a more laidback honeymoon itinerary.






Historic Happenings


Often known for their warm climates and white sand beaches, many tropical paradises pack an incredible past. If you consider yourselves major history buffs, immerse yourselves in the past and present culture of your honeymoon destination.



By day, take a guided tour, hike ancient ruins or attend a local market. Consider attending any cultural events and festivals taking place during your honeymoon, too, like the dance and musical performances of the annual Te Maeva Nui Festival on the Cook Islands.




Friendly Competition


Whether you’re observing from the sidelines or playing the game, island sports have their own exciting culture. Tropical honeymoon destinations like the Cook Islands have rugby leagues, as well as soccer and cricket with set seasons during certain times of year. Check out what’s happening during the time you visit, like an inter-village game on a warm afternoon or a friendly game of volleyball on the beach.