The Best Attractions in Key West, FL

The Best Attractions in Key West, FL



When you honeymoon in Key West, you’re surrounded by gorgeous beaches, lively atmosphere, and lush greenery. You could certainly just appreciate your surroundings and sun on the beach and have a marvelous time. But if you want to adventure beyond just relaxing at the hotel, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Key West attractions for you to enjoy!


Fun Photo Ops

Take a picture by the concrete marker signifying the southernmost point in the United States. It’ll only take a minute out of your day and it will be a fun moment in the honeymoon album.


You’ve seen the Overseas Highway in many an action movie. Now experience it for yourself on a long drive with an unbelievable view. It has an ethereal ‘middle of nowhere’ quality that is a rare highway experience. Take plenty of photos of all of the vast blue around you.


Learn & Explore


Key West has so many interesting and unique museums. But you absolutely cannot miss stopping by the Hemingway House (above).  Once home to Key West’s most famous resident, this lovely house has beautiful gardens and is drenched with rich local history.



Once a coastal fort and military prison, Dry Tortugas Park (above) was officially turned into a national park in the 1990s.  Be prepared to sail or fly as those are the only ways to get to this collection of islands almost 100 miles from Key West (ferries and seaplanes are readily available). The journey is well worth the trouble, though.  The flora and fauna are pretty amazing, but many come to snorkel to the pretty coral reefs.


Speaking of aquatic fun, if you have the time, invest in an all-day sailing trip around Key West. Some tours also include kayak trips down small channels with their day-long packages. Even though they can be a little pricey, it will allow you access to areas you otherwise wouldn’t be able to see.


Tourist Fun


What’s a trip to Key West without experiencing a little nightlife and a few tourist havens?  Head to Mallory Square on the waterfront and grab a snack from one of the local food carts (make sure to bring cash). Watch the sunset from the pier and appreciate the colorful houses lining the way to Duval Street.  You’ll find plenty of restaurants, shopping, and bars to enjoy into the wee hours!