The Best Giant Pool Floaties for Your Honeymoon

The Best Giant Pool Floaties for Your Honeymoon

Soak up the sun and relive your childhood all at once with one of the best summer trends yet. Look no further than these 11 pool floaties for your honeymoon!


Pool float giant watermelon


Fruit Slices

We’ve seen a lot of citrus themed finds this season, but watermelon is rather underrated. Who wouldn’t want to lay out on this sweet pool float under the summer sun?


Pool float bean bag


Floating Bean Bags

If you prefer something more practical than whimsical, floating furniture is the way to go. With these comfort options comes a little more bulk so if you’re flying somewhere far away, these bean bags aren’t for the suitcase. You can even use these to kick back and relax after a long day of work once the honeymoon is over.


Pool float for drinks


Drink Floaties

Okay, these aren’t giant pool floaties but they’re great to pair with any of the options on this list. From your bachelorette weekend to a day at the pool during your honeymoon, you don’t have to worry about spilling your cocktails with these flamingo floaties (find some like these on Amazon).


Pool float pizza slice held by girl in swimsuit


Pizza Party

Get your pool game on point with a pizza slice for each of you. After the honeymoon, invite your friends to create a whole inflatable pizza for a fun day at the lake.


Pool float giant donut with bite out girl relaxing


Sweet Treats

From desserts to brunch eats, it’s no surprise we love donuts. We definitely wouldn’t mind floating down a lazy river with an aquatic one like this, too.


Pool float pineapple


Tropical Fun

Of course, pineapples are not an exclusion from this roundup. You can even make this tropical inflatable float your own by personalizing it with your new monogram.


Pool float flamingo and swan


For the Lovebirds

Remember that time T-Swift took an elegant swan float on a tropical vacay? Capture the same moment during your honeymoon, or bring along a flamingo float for an Instagram-worthy photo opp like this.


Pool float alligators in group of 3 floating


River Reptiles

Move over, flamingo, because this alligator pool float is pretty awesome. Beat the heat amidst the desert oasis (Palm Springs, anyone?) or during your Key West honeymoon with this unique idea.


Pool float shell held by girl standing at the deep end


Sand & Shore

Nothing falls short of perfect than this giant seashell float for the beach. There’s room for the two of you plus drinks, unless he chooses to lounge by the water while you channel your inner mermaid.


Pool float rubber duck with sunglasses worn by man with sunglasses


A Childhood Staple

You may have “grown up” but this rubber duck can take you right back to your childhood. Is it as sophisticated as a swan float? Not quite, but it’s perfect for floating down memory lane and snapping some funny honeymoon photos.


Pool float beach ball held up by woman


Not Your Average Beach Ball

If relaxing at the pool isn’t in your honeymoon itinerary, take this pool “float” along instead. Bring on a little friendly competition with a game in the water or sand using this giant beach ball.