The Perfect Honeymoon in The Seychelles

The Perfect Honeymoon in The Seychelles

With so many tropical destinations to visit, it can be hard to pick the ideal destination for your honeymoon.

They all sound great, right? But here are five reasons to decide on the Seychelles for the most memorable vacation of your life.



The Outdoor Grandeur


The Seychelles’ location allows for consistently warm weather to enjoy all the beautiful outdoor sights, such as their white sand beaches, gigantic coral reefs and diverse wildlife. It’s hard to believe that this kind of remote fantasy paradise is only a ten hour flight from London.



Easy Versatility


The islands are so close to each other that it is easy and affordable to hop between them during your stay. Each island has its own unique personality, so it is fun to experience each one. From the rustic charm of the small island of La Digue to the snorkeling haven of Cerf Island to the convenience of the largest island, Mahe, there is something for everyone on this amazing archipelago.




World-Class Accommodations


When you honeymoon in The Seychelles you should expect plenty of luxury accommodations, like the ones found on Seyvillas. Enjoy massages on the beach at Bliss Hotel on Mahe or reserve an oceanfront room at the fantastic La Reserve on Praslin. And for those who want something more private than even these exclusive resorts, there are also many different guest houses and bungalows on each island.





You really don’t have to do anything at all in The Seychelles but relax. The islands are quiet and soothing. While some honeymoon destinations have overcrowded beaches and a raucous atmosphere, The Seychelles don’t suffer from that same sort of tourism. Instead, honeymooners can easily enjoy remote beaches, savoring the sound of the waves and warm ocean breezes.




Or Adventure!


But if sunning on a beach all day is just not your thing, the islands have plenty of activities and excursions to keep you occupied! Those coral reefs we mentioned earlier? Get an up close and personal view on a diving tour. Want a better view of that spectacular coastline. Hike up a mountain (such as the Lookout on Cerf Island) or take a Jeep excursion.