The Perfect Honeymoon Spot: Noord, Aruba

The Perfect Honeymoon Spot: Noord, Aruba

Soak up the island life during your honeymoon in Aruba.

With crashing turquoise waves and golden surf, windblown trees and miles upon miles of sparkling sun, the Aruban town of Noord is only a prelude to what lies within minutes of its zip code. Dozens of beachfront destinations sprinkled with low-rise and high-rise hotels encourage couples to spend days lazily watching the sun go down, and sipping libations. While this town may be smaller than some of Aruba’s more popular destinations, it ranks high on the laid-back-o-meter and will suit any couple that dreams of the island life. If you are looking for superb service and privacy, Noord may be the perfect little honeymoon destination you’ve never heard of.




Top Attractions in Noord


TrikingDon’t worry; this isn’t a land activity for toddlers, and in fact, the trikes found at Trikes-Aruba are known worldwide for their quality and comfort. Much like motorcycles but with a tripod of wheels for added stability and control, this is one of the coolest ways to explore Aruba. If you are a layman in the trike world, you will be happy to know that there is no better way to enjoy the beauty of the island than on one of these. The wind in your hair, the sun at your back, and the world at your fingertips – ah, that’s bliss.


DiveVersityIf you’ve come to Aruba for the diving, then don’t miss a trip booked with DiveVersity. Ranked number one among seasoned divers and first timers alike, this company is notorious for finding the perfect spots to suit your expectations as well as only booking small groups so you can have a more one-on-one experience. With an authentic “dive shack” on the beach for finishing important paperwork, this dive experience will be top notch from start to finish.


Boca Catalina — Only a five minute cab drive from Noord, this is one of the most beautiful spots for snorkeling in town. If deep sea diving gives you a panic attack, then head on down to Boca Catalina and either bring your own snorkeling equipment or rent some from vendors on the beach. If you get there early enough, you can experience the mind-blowing multi-colored fish all by your lonesome — as many couples relish in the fact that Noord has some of the most sparsely populated beaches. The clear waters here are absolutely breathtaking, as is the surrounding scenery between dips.



Best Honeymoon Hotel in Noord


The Caribbean Palm Village Resort in Noord is one of the more affordable resorts in the area. But don’t think the word budget means this isn’t a place to swoon over. With gorgeous grounds and celebrity-sized lagoon pools, this hotel is smaller in overall size, keeping crowds to a minimum. For honeymooners, this is a perfect place to enjoy each other’s company without the madness of other high-rise, higher-priced hotels.



When to Visit Noord


The best time to visit Noord is from April to August – much like the rest of the island. During this time, the weather is not only warm and sunny, but the prices for accommodations drop significantly. Additionally, there is very little threat of hurricanes this time of year &  while January to March may have the best weather, keep in mind that your accommodations will be pricier.