Things to Consider: Planning a US Wedding

Things to Consider: Planning a US Wedding

Consider these factors regarding locations when planning at U.S. destination wedding.

The Big Apple beckons as a US destination wedding dream. So does the tinsel town of Hollywood, where couples plan to create memories with their US destination wedding. Before you jump on the plane for your US destination wedding, ask yourself about the location, type of wedding you wish to have, and the season.




Location for Your Ceremony


Pick the right location. The regions of the US are extremely diverse from the urban centers to the tropical shores. Each state offers its own charm, character, and flair. Be realistic about driving distances as states may seem small on the map, but the driving distance can be hours with traffic.



Type of Wedding


A beach wedding can be planned during any season if you are in the right US states. States such as Hawaii, California, Florida, and many of the southern states offer temperate climates that work well for an outdoor ceremony.


For a glamorous wedding, consider the urban areas of New York, San Francisco, or Chicago. These areas provide top-notch venues for the nuptials, and can add a touch of romance to any wedding theme, while including fine dining for the reception.



Season and Wedding Success


Although you may be tempted by a good deal, before plunking down your deposit, research what the temperature is for the location during the season and what type of weather disasters you may encounter. Florida has a hurricane season during the autumn while Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico may be too hot for you during the summer.


Season considerations will also be key in deciding your colors, your bridesmaids’ dress selection, as well as what dress you decide to walk down the aisle in.  Never underestimate the importance of weather!