Things to Do in Tahiti

Things to Do in Tahiti
Here are our top four things to do during your honeymoon or destination wedding in Tahiti:



Savor the blend of modern comforts and stunning natural splendor. The island is home to five star resorts and wild tropical scenery.


Head to Tahiti Nui’s beaches to learn the basics of surfing. Papenoo, Point Vénus and Paea are great spots for beginners, although experts can stick to Tahiti Iti’s Teahupoo.


The natural beauty of Tahiti is reason enough to plan a trip. Towering mountains, stunning waterfalls and lush valleys make up the inland scenery — and then there’s the beach.


Don’t miss traditional touches. Catch a traditional dance show, complete with fire twirling and elaborate costumes, at one of the resorts.