Tips for Planning Your Honeymoon

Tips for Planning Your Honeymoon

Time to start planning for your honeymoon?  Here are some helpful ideas in designing this once-in-a-lifetime special occasion.


Travel Resources

First, select four or five places you would like to go on your honeymoon.  Where have you always wanted to visit? The internet, travel magazines and bridal publications are full of ideas and are a great way to start. Or, ask family, friends, or a travel agent for their recommendations. Also, think about when you want to take your honeymoon.  Right after the wedding, in a month, or later in the year?  You can get some great deals when you travel off-season.



To organize your honeymoon ideas use Pinterest, a tablet or computer file, a binder, or even a box to keep everything in one accessible place.  Once you have narrowed down the destination, add detailed information like restaurants to try, activities to do, maps of the area, stores, and a tentative day-to-day itinerary.  Guide books from your local bookstore or on the internet can provide great information on the area.  Also, ask about honeymoon packages. Some cruise lines, hotels and resorts offer complimentary honeymoon packages, others may offer a special rate, or special amenity for newlyweds.



Prepare a budget for your honeymoon and include all the expenses you will most likely incur. Add in transportation costs for airline flights, taxi fares, train costs, shuttles, or rental cars. If you have booked a honeymoon cruise or a hotel stay, find out all the details. Most cruise lines include all meals in their restaurants in the fare; however, some lines offer specialty restaurants that charge a per person rate to dine there. Drinks are included on some lines, and not on others.  Some resorts are all-inclusive and include dining and beverages, while others are not.  Also incorporate charges for sightseeing trips and activities. And, don’t forget to budget for souvenirs from the places you visit. Set up a honeymoon registry to help defray some of the cost.


Travel Documents

If you are traveling internationally, make sure your passports are up to date. Take a copy of your marriage certificate with you in case you need to show it. Keep airline tickets, cruise documents, hotel confirmations, rental car reservations, and transportation confirmations in a file that are easily accessible.  If you are traveling to a different country, order an amount of currency before you leave, so you don’t have to worry about finding a currency exchange or local bank when you arrive.



Once the planning is done and the wedding is over, its time to enjoy the honeymoon. Wherever you go in the world, relax and revel in your wedded bliss!


Want more travel insights? You’re in luck! June is Bon Voyage Month, brought to you in partnership with Paul Gauguin Cruises.  We’re focusing on all things travel to help make your destination wedding and honeymoon the best it can be!