Tips on Helping Your Honeymoon Budget

Tips on Helping Your Honeymoon Budget

Give yourself a champagne honeymoon by stretching your honeymoon budget. These three simple tips provide methods to increase your budget without costing you a penny.


Free Upgrades

Honeymoons are special occasions that vendors appreciate. When making reservations inform the airline, hotel or vendor that you are on your honeymoon and ask about special honeymoon rates or upgrades. This same tactic works in person when checking in.


Destination Choice

Keep in mind the destination choice influences your budget as well. A dollar buys more in Mexico and South America than it does in Europe. Not only is airfare less expensive to these areas from the US, the exchange rate gives you more for your dollar.


Gift Registry

A honeymoon registry can encourage your guests to give the new couple monetary gifts rather than an item they don’t want or need. Set up an account that allows you to choose multiple gift amounts ranging from ten dollars and up. Cocktails on the beach, cruise excursions and a romantic sunset sail are some items you can select as gifts. The guests have the option to pay the total cost or contribute to a portion, but when you receive the cash, you have the option to purchase what you prefer.