Top 5 Beaches to Visit on Your Thailand Honeymoon

Top 5 Beaches to Visit on Your Thailand Honeymoon

Planning a Thailand honeymoon? 5 spectacular beaches fit for every kind of traveler.



Thailand has a wealth of beautiful beaches and islands that attract seaside-loving aficionados around the world. With exotic landscapes, rich culture, exceptional cuisine and tourist infrastructure Thailand is quickly becoming a favorite destination for honeymooners.



With its expansive coast and diverse population, Thailand has something for everyone. But where do you start? Below we have compiled a list of the top five islands or beaches in Thailand for everyone.




The Best Beach for Adventurers


If you are looking to seek out a little adventure on your Thailand beach honeymoon Ao Nang beach is a must. While activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, diving, fishing, hiking, and island hopping are all popular activities, one of the most sought after activities is rock climbing along the large limestone rock formations. Deep water soloing, the new rock climbing adrenaline rush, is the ultimate tropical climbing experience where one free climbs along the cliffs and jumps or falls off into the below waters.



Runner up: Koh Lao Liang, a beautiful, minimally-developed island only accessible by boat, also offers water activities and desirable tropical climbing.




The Best Beach for Scenic Solitude


Looking to visit Thailand without all of the crowds? Koh Mook, also known as Pearl Island, is a very small and tranquil island located to the south of Phuket. Aside from relaxing, you can indulge in snorkeling, kayaking or island hopping but you won’t be brushing shoulders with strangers. Head to Farang Beach on the West of Koh Mook for unforgettable sunsets or take a boat to the Emerald Cave, one of the natural wonders of Thailand.



Runner up: Koh Kood, located near the Cambodian border and covered in thick rainforest, inland waterfalls, and quaint fishing villages.




The Best Beach for Socialites


For the couple looking to spend vacation in a social setting with an exciting nightlife, Thailand has an abundance of popular beaches that are known for their exquisite beauty during the day and their lively and active night life. Beaches, such as Koh Phangan are lined with bars and well known for their full moon parties that consist of music and dancing on the beach until the sun rises. Decorating yourself in brightly colored body paint and having plenty of glow sticks on hand will help you fit right in during the night festivities!



Runner up: Koh Chang offers a nice balance of relaxation and social activity, a “low-key” party destination where you can enjoy a quiet dinner on the beach followed by drinks and music.


The Best Beach for Resort Lovers


Phuket is well known for its gorgeous beaches and turquoise blue waters and also boasts many high-end resorts, spas, and restaurants that overlook the Andaman Sea. Phuket offers many of the common Thailand excursions such as kayaking, zip lining, fishing, snorkeling, and elephant trekking. Highly developed and bustling with tourists, in Phuket you will have access to five star accommodations and elegant restaurants serving fresh fare!



Runner up: Ko Samui is one of Thailand’s largest islands in the Gulf of Thailand and home to luxury resorts, grand spas, and an energetic nightlife. Koh Yao Noi is another option that manages to remain a quiet refuge away from the crowds of nearby Phuket and has access to pristine beaches, restaurants, and a handful of boutique resorts.




The Best Beach for Culture Enthusiasts


While many of the island and coastal towns with a tourist infrastructure have become highly developed and influenced by other cultures in Thailand, there are a few special places that have maintained their traditional Thai culture. Koh Lanta is an island with very low-key development located in Krabi. The people of Ko Lanta are a mix of Buddhists, Thai-Chinese, Muslims, and even sea gypsies who live in peace and harmony and have maintained much of the traditional culture. It’s known for its spectacular diving and long, white, unspoiled beaches as well as being an island to escape the modern life and busy tourist areas. For even more seclusion you can head south of Koh Lanta Yai to the islands of Koh Ngai, Koh Kradan and Koh Muk, all of which offer equally stunning beaches and snorkeling and even fewer crowds.



Runner up: Koh Phayam. Travel the island by motorbike and stock up on locally-grown cashews. Don’t forget to take advantage of the fresh far and exquisite Thai cuisine.




When to Visit the Thailand Coast


The high season along the Andaman coast in Thailand is November through April. This is the dry and cool season following monsoon season, so the landscape is lush and temperatures are comfortable. Beware of price increases during Christmas and New Years as holidays bring big crowds and rates typically increase 50% at resorts, restaurants, and shops near popular beach destinations. If you’re visiting the Gulf, we recommend traveling between May and September. You can still choose to visit during the rainy season (May-October) and can probably find a fair deal on flights and accommodations but be prepared to have flexible travel plans as the monsoon season can range from afternoon showers to major flooding and some smaller islands may shut down during stormy weather.