Travel Ideas for Honeymoon Jetsetters

Travel Ideas for Honeymoon Jetsetters

The best honeymoon ideas for the couple who loves a little luxury.

When you hear the word “honeymoon” the first things you picture are days in the spa, multi-course meals, and ocean-side service—and why not? You just planned an unforgettable party for all your favorite people. It’s time to sit back and let someone else take care of you for a while. With these essentials in mind, narrowing down the dream honeymoon options is simple. It has to be stunning, amenity-packed, and preferably all-inclusive. We know what you’re thinking: Fiji.


This distant island may require some extra travel time, but setting foot in that overwater bungalow (like the ones at Likuliku) makes every moment spent on an airplane worth it. Because this is exactly how paradise looks. And the view of the open ocean from your bed, accompanying glass of Champagne and promise of an afternoon massage are every bit as opulent as they should be.





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  • If the idea of an overwater bungalow isn’t really your style, try out the distinctly Fijian alternative: a bure. These beachfront huts are equally charming and, depending on the resort, may even come with their own personal butler.


  • Take to the open seas to get a new perspective. Kayaking along the coastline is a fun adventure for two and day boat tours, complete with snorkeling, are an equally enjoyable way to soak up some sun.


  • When you finally tire of perfecting your tan, explore your way to one of Fiji’s breathtaking waterfalls. Biausevu, on Viti Levu, is one of the most notable and accessible options.



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The highlight of any luxury-focused escape is the accommodations. To experience your chosen honeymoon to the fullest, spare no expense in researching and selecting the resort you’ll call home for the duration of your vacation, especially if it’s all-inclusive. Look into what’s included, like meals or lessons, as well as what isn’t to ensure you’re choosing a resort that’s the perfect match for your preferences and budget.





Travel Alternatives


Have a different (but equally unique) adventure in mind? Consider the Maldives. These remote islands tucked away in the Indian Ocean are another honeymooner’s dream. Tuck yourselves away at a resort with serious luxury, like Niyama Maldives or Baros Maldives for your own view of tropical perfection with a side of extravagance. Or, if you’re eyeing French Polynesia, take a look at beach honeymoon classic, Bora Bora. Just picture this: Aquamarine waters, colorful fish and hints of coral reef. And that’s just the view from the back porch. This island, a part of French Polynesia, is also home to mountain scenery and has recently been called the best island in the world. Looking for the perfect hideaway? The Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora spa lineup alone is worth the trip.