Travel Tips for a Backpacking Honeymoon in Europe

Travel Tips for a Backpacking Honeymoon in Europe

Are new experiences and big adventures a priority for your honeymoon? Check out these ideas for an adventurous honeymoon backpacking Europe.


You know you prefer your vacations jam-packed with new food, new views, new activities and you don’t mind the occasional bit of improvisation – or a travel agenda that keeps you on your toes. The top honeymoon itinerary for you? A two-week trip to the best sights on your European bucket list. You’ll be carrying your travel essentials on your back and touring your way through art museums and open-air street markets for a newlywed experience worth Snapchatting home about.



Bonus: this honeymoon options allows you both to select locales you’ve always wanted to visit. It’s a veritable buffet of new experiences, with everything from local cuisines to historic landmarks, new languages and postcard-worthy scenery. All you have to do is compile the options that appeal most to each of you, whether that includes a comprehensive tour of early Renaissance art or in-depth analysis of every destination’s best wine offerings.




Honeymoon Hit List: The Top Attractions for Your Honeymoon


  • Sun worshippers should make their way to the Ionian and Aegean Seas. Greece’s islands, among which Zakynthos and Santorini are highlights, offer a foodie-friendly take on honeymoon paradise.


  • Have majestic views on the brain? Switzerland and northern Italy may be just the places to steal your breath away. The Bernese Overland Trails among the foothills of the Swiss Alps provide some of the most idyllic hiking on the continent.


  • Lovers of architectural statements will find their match in Spain. Barcelona’s streets are filled with impressive buildings, among which Gaudí’s La Sagrada Família reigns supreme.






Insider Tip


Instead of diving headfirst into your must-see cities, think about the kind of pace you’d like to set for your excursion. Are both up you up for switching locales every other day? Twice a week? Once? By determining your pace first – and fully considering the amount of travel and transit time that pace involves – you’ll have a better idea of how many locations you can include on your agenda.




Travel Alternatives


Not convinced a backpacking honeymoon is the right idea for you? Why not head to Thailand? Dense jungles, ancient temples and hidden coves with crystal-clear water make Thailand a honeymoon paradise with a little edge. Experiences here range from cultural to extreme, but the perfect balance may in fact be found on a personalized tour of the country’s best beaches. Or, if you’re still looking for a honeymoon complete with a packed backpack, try Macchu Picchu. There’s nothing traditional about climbing Macchu Picchu on your honeymoon – but this is definitely the kind of adventure that will put your marriage on the map. Be sure to set aside some time to relax either pre- or post-climb.