Travel Tips for a Honeymoon in the City

Travel Tips for a Honeymoon in the City

Do you prefer an activity-packed travel agenda to whiling away the hours on a beach? This New York City honeymoon is just the thing for an urban getaway.



Your perfect vacation is about one thing and one thing only: Everything you can fit into your itinerary. You want to learn it all, taste it all, see it all and experience it all – and preferably within the bounds of your new favorite urban destination. In other words, your dream honeymoon includes a never-ending panorama of sights and activities, making a city scene as action-packed as New York City the ultimate getaway. Whether your tastes run more toward perusing art museums or making your way to the top of the city’s skyline, we can practically guarantee one thing: With a honeymoon here, you’ll never have a dull moment.



Not sure where to start? The tourist hot spots like the Empire State Building and Central Park are always an option, but they can be replaced in favor of a highly-personalized agenda if that’s your preference. Make a list of your goals for the trip before diving headfirst into research to come up with a good balance of activities, and don’t forget to build in some time for total relaxation, too.




Honeymoon Hit List: The Top Attractions for Your Honeymoon


  • If a one of a kind honeymoon experience is your preference, pick lodging to suit. The Urban Cowboy in Brooklyn and the Ace Hotel in Midtown are staples that combine the luxury of a hotel with the personality of quirky, hand-picked appointments.


  • Art buff or not, MoMA is always worth a visit. The museum’s constant rotation of exhibitions are perpetually interesting, as are its film series and performance programs.


    • Stave off your hunger by indulging in classic palate pleasers. Ladurée is home to airy Parisian macarons (and the occasional celebrity sighting), while Le Parker Meridien’s walls hide two tasty treasures: Burger Joint and Norma’s.






Insider Tip


An urban destination offers one particularly newlywed-friendly opportunity: The chance to combine personal preferences in the ultimate travel compromise. Does one of you love exploring every up-and-coming restaurant in sight while the other would rather linger over impressionist paintings? In a place like New York City, it’s easy to give your preferences equal attention.




Travel Alternatives


Looking for an adventure abroad instead? How about London, England? From iconic sights like Big Ben and Buckingham Palace to expansive parks and excellent entertainment options, London is an ideal choice for international honeymooners. Take advantage of the city’s offering of largely free museums and excellent public transportation. Just don’t forget to add high tea to the to-do list. Another incredible urban honeymoon destination is on the other side of the globe – yes, we’re talking about Tokyo. Perfect for city-lovers with a taste for adventure, a honeymoon in Tokyo is well worth the international flight time. The city is filled to the brim with diversions of every size and style, from peaceful gardens and shrines (the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden’s cherry blossoms stun in the spring) to upscale shopping districts, lively nightlife and unforgettable cuisine.