Urban Wedding Venues in Portland

Urban Wedding Venues in Portland


Your wedding is a big deal. Let us be the first to say it. And in the event that you find yourself certain that Portland’s weather is not to be relied upon for this aforementioned big deal (as you may have heard, sometimes it rains), we wanted you to know one simple thing: we’ve got your back. We don’t think that worrying should be anywhere near your wedding to-do list and so, to keep you stress-free we’ve tracked down four Portland venues that combine local flavor with one oh-so-important common denominator: a roof.



Davis Street Tavern


Welcome to Old Town, Portland. A few short blocks from the Willamette River – well before you reach the wall of gardens and parks to the West – lives a cozy historic building with a reputation for expert, locally-sourced, Northwest cuisine. It is also a perfect venue for an indoor reception, but only if you like exposed brick and woodwork. Butter Gallery, above the Tavern, is also available for private events.



Yale Union


Otherwise known as YU, this stripped-down industrial space is another nod to Northwest architecture. High ceilings, whitewashed brick walls and hardwood floors are the key features of this building – which long ago lived as a laundromat – as are rows upon rows of light-loving windows. With its open-aired appeal and simple structure, YU is a clean palette upon which you can paint the prettiest of wedding dreams.



Springbox Gallery


What can we say? Portland loves its reformed warehouses. This art gallery, located in Portland’s Northwest Industrial District, is an event space with its own personality and one of the largest showcases of local artistic talent around.



Irving St Kitchen


Urban, wood-paneled and habitually candle-lit, the Irving St Kitchen is a restaurant and venue that needs little aesthetic assistance. The combination of rustic woodwork and city charm equals reception-worthy glam we’d be hard-pressed to duplicate.