Wedding Photographers in Charlotte

Wedding Photographers in Charlotte


You are not a checklist. So says one of our favorite sources of Charlotte wedding photography, Lauren Rosenau. And she’s right. You and your love, on your wedding day, are more than a collection of must-have shots. You’re more than poses and forced smiles – you’re emotions and commitment and a whole lot of carefully selected and planned decisions all rolled into one busy, wonderful day. It also happens to be an incredible opportunity for another person to capture the things that make your relationship all it is. Fortunately, we think that this lineup of Charlotte photographers can do just that.




Lauren Rosenau Photography


Originally hailing from a small town in New England, Lauren Rosenau realized that her love for photography was something she wanted to turn into a career while sorting through an old suitcase filled with family photos. She believes in helping people – and does so every day in her photography through preserving moments to help them remember their special day. She lives for the emotions and anticipation, the front row seat to one of the most important occasions of your life, and her beautiful photography is proof.



Sally Gupton Photography


Your wedding day serves as all the inspiration Sally of Sally Gupton Photography needs to create images that capture the details of your wedding day. She loves to hear the story behind your relationship – from the first time you saw one another to the experience of walking down the aisle – and views photography as a soulful outlet through which she can share her understanding of your love.



Allison Kuhn Photography


Allison Kuhn takes pretty pictures. We’re not sure there’s that much more we can say. Charlotte-based, but travel-friendly, Allison utilizes both film and digital photography and while she adores the details of a wedding, she’s even more in love with the romance of the couple themselves. The results are images to treasure forever from a beautiful blend of detail shots and emotion-sparked photos.