Wedding Planning in Milwaukee

Wedding Planning in Milwaukee


When it comes to Midwestern cities, we’ll admit that we have a particular crush on Milwaukee. The views across Lake Michigan, the parks, paths and riverfront shops, and the brick-walled evidence of an industrial past all make their way straight to our wedding-loving hearts. Which means that weddings with this city as their setting are a topic of conversation that sparks our interest pretty quickly. And we’d love to start this chat off with one of our absolute favorite Milwaukee wedding venues. Ready? Let’s go.



A Milwaukee Wedding Venue


We hope we’re not coming on too strong, but we love the Turner Hall Ballroom. A historic building and national landmark, the building was constructed in 1882 and has recently been dedicated to wowing wedding guests. Filled with earth tones and rustic accents, this Milwaukee wedding location is all vintage charm and wood floors we can’t help but obsess over. Ultimately, it is an elegant indoor venue with character of its own, and the perfect setting for the wedding of your dreams.



Milwaukee Wedding Photographers


Because the next step in planning your wedding is to find someone who can capture its moments, photographers are where we’d like draw your attention now. Erin of Erin Jean Photography is a Wisconsin native with an eye for creating breathtaking images. She shoots both film and digital photography and limits her artistic focus to weddings and children’s portraits – with lovely results. Amarie Photography is another Wisconsin photographer whose experience and skill come together to make beautiful photos that reflect the style, personality, and love story of the couple she’s working with. Autumn Marie, the studio’s owner, understands that each wedding is a unique event with a unique background, and photographs each day accordingly.