What is a Luxury Wedding?

What is a Luxury Wedding?

What is a luxury wedding? It is a six-figure affair that boasts ‘glossy magazine worthy’ attire, food, location, and details.


What is a luxury wedding? It is a six-figure affair that boasts ‘glossy magazine worthy’ attire, food, location, and details. Wedding and bridesmaids’ designer gowns will drip with drama, the high-end food will be personally developed by your favorite chef, and Bono may just be belting out show tunes. Such a snapshot of a luxurious affair is one in which only the rich and famous may indulge. However, just because a luxury wedding may be out of reach for most people, do high-end items really make that much difference in the overall success of a wedding?


The Biggest Difference between Luxury and Traditional

The biggest difference is often felt in the budgets of the bride and groom or whomever is footing the bill. Most brides are so creative these days that luxury is something that can be fashioned by hand instead of bought on Fifth Avenue and Madison. The couple that doesn’t need brand-name recognition or A-list guests will not find that luxurious items make any difference at all.


However, for the couple that has society ties, a higher tax bracket, or a nest egg that has taken over the entire nest, the beauty that can be invented with luxurious details cannot be mistaken. There is an air of sophistication that begs to be noticed and will be. Depending on your couple personality, luxury may just be your style. If so, then by all means break the bank for a truly breathtaking affair.


Luxe Lessons: Where to Spend the Dough and Where to Say ‘Whoa!’

While the average wedding can land somewhere between $25,000 and $30,000, there are some brides who are lucky enough to have a little more wiggle room. However, if that space in the budget isn’t quite large enough to adorn your guests with Tiffany stemware parting gifts, then you may need to limit your luxe to a few items. If you are looking to add a little flair to your affair, consider these luxurious ways to invest your money for the biggest return.


Flower Power, Illumine Lighting, and Top-of-the-Line Linens

For the budget-minded bride, flowers are one of the easiest ways to cut costs. However, for the bride who wants her affair to rise above the norm, flowers have the most power to create a breathtaking space. Not limited to over-the-top centerpieces, aisle baskets, and bouquets, some florists can create your own indoor garden one vine at a time. Consider hanging flowers and rows of fragrant blooms from the rafters and snake ivy up the walls. A blank slate of a ballroom can turn into a movie set overnight with the right budget and a creative eye for out-of-the-ordinary ideas.


Lighting may not even make the budget list for some, but if you want to create a room that can rival the movies, you must bring in the big guns. Precise accent lighting that sends soaring shoots of blue and purple against dreamy ceiling drapes adds high-end appeal. Large tree centerpieces up-lit with pink or yellow add a glowing ethereal element of prestige. Sometimes creating the illusion of light and shadows in all the right places is worth every penny.


Much like lighting, linens are a surefire way to make your wedding look luxurious to the max. Crisp white chair covers, silk overlays, and massive yards of draping can make a reception dinner worthy of the Plaza’s approval. Sparse table linens, naked reception and ceremony chairs, and boring tents or ballrooms can reflect a basement price. Dress up your space with top-notch fabric and it quickly becomes a wedding day celebrity style.