Which Honeymoon Travel Escape Matches Your Personality?

Which Honeymoon Travel Escape Matches Your Personality?


Have you ever wondered what your honeymoon travel personality is? Well, we happen to know the best new way to find out. We’re sharing a brand new personality quiz that will not only help you sort out your own travel style, but will also pair you up with the perfect honeymoon ideas starring one of our very favorite honeymoon destinations: Aruba. All you have to do is answer five super simple questions and voila! The dream honeymoon you never knew you wanted, right at your fingertips.



So let’s talk about that honeymoon agenda for a second. When it comes to planning your honeymoon in Aruba, there’s something for every couple. The tricky part can be fitting all those amazing activities into your itinerary. Do you prefer to relax on white sand beaches, or would you rather dive right into an outdoor adventure? Or maybe you want a little bit of everything, and for that, we don’t blame you.



Aruba may be a hidden gem in the Caribbean Sea, but don’t underestimate how many experiences there are on One happy island to help you celebrate your newlywed status. For something more laidback, check out the local restaurants or sip sunset cocktails by the water with your toes in the sand. Hello, romance.



If you’re looking for a more adventurous Aruba escape, you’re in luck with wind-powered water sports and unique excursions like exploring pre-historic caves and goldmine ruins. No matter your idea of the perfect itinerary, there’s always a gorgeous sunset at the end of each day. Is there really any better way to start your fairytale beginning together?



Once you take our travel personality quiz, you’re not just planning any ordinary honeymoon. Instead, you’re on your way to planning the ideal destination honeymoon in one of the dreamiest islands in the Caribbean around with hand-picked recommendations tailored to the two of you.