Why an All-Inclusive Resort can be Easy on Your Budget

Why an All-Inclusive Resort can be Easy on Your Budget


If you think a resort destination wedding is too expensive, consider the advantages. A resort destination wedding can actually reduce the costs of your wedding as it limits the number of guests, combines the wedding with the honeymoon site, and provides unlimited activities at no cost to you and your guests.



Financial Advantages


A resort destination wedding is cost-effective. Not only does it include the basics, such as accommodations, meals and drinks, it also includes incidentals, such as transfers to and from the airport, non-motorized sports, and activities on site. Meals range from fine dining to snacks at the pool while hotel activities may range from complimentary beauty services to karaoke in the hotel bar.


Destination weddings stretch your wedding budget by combining the wedding with the honeymoon. It also keeps the reception and wedding in the same location. Plus, if held in a foreign country, you may stretch your budget farther based on the currency exchange rate.


Some all-inclusive destination wedding sites offer affordable wedding packages that provide the basic wedding services, such as the officiant, flowers, the ceremony site, wedding cake, and legal documents. Other resorts provide a variety of wedding packages at a reduced cost and many provide for electronic transfer of the ceremony for those unable to attend.



Emotional Advantages


Resort destination weddings can be relatively stress-free. While a local wedding requires you to make many decisions, ranging from choosing the caterer to the reception venue, a resort wedding gives you another option. Most sites provide on-site wedding packages or an on-site resort wedding consultant. If you decide to use this service, you can make the important decisions for your wedding, but leave the smaller decisions and wedding details to the planner. This frees you to enjoy the days leading up to the wedding, spending the time with the guests rather than making last minute adjustments to the ceremony or reception.





There is a reason you chose this location, so explore it with each other as you build lasting memories of walking along the sand or swinging in a beach hammock. Continue to make quality memories as you take advantage of a smaller guest list and a longer stay in an exotic resort as you spend more time with your guests than you would at a local wedding. In the days before the wedding, join your guests on hotel activities, such as playing volleyball by the pool or kayaking on the ocean. Set up tours for family members and guests to experience the sights of the area with you. Invest in a quality digital camera to record the memories and you are sure to always remember your special day.