Your Fiji Honeymoon Bucket List

Your Fiji Honeymoon Bucket List


You don’t get to a destination like Fiji by accident.  Traveling to the South Pacific takes time and planning (luckily, the trip is well worth it). Couples go to Fiji because they have always wanted to.  Whether they fell in love with the islands while watching Castaway, or were regaled with magical stories from their friends’ vacation, they immediately knew they had to go. So, to make sure you don’t miss a thing, here is a bucket list for your Fiji honeymoon.


Stay in an over-water bungalow.


I’m betting this is at least 80% of why you want to go to Fiji.  Also referred to as ‘bures,’ these little cabins sit atop the aqua waters of the South Pacific.  Dive in for a swim right from your patio.  Some accommodations even offer unique amenities like glass-bottomed floors.  Few destinations in the world offer these ocean bungalows, so while you are in Fiji, splurge for the experience.



Explore the Coral Coast.


You could spend days on this 50 mile long beach.  There are all sorts of villages, tourist excursions, and resorts along the way. But it is also just a gorgeous stretch of sand.  You and your honey ought to take in a sunset with a long stroll. Or go snorkeling or scuba diving in the crystal blue waters.  It will be a completely memorable trip.



Slide down a waterfall.


Feeling a little reckless? Head to the Waitavala water slide, a natural slide down a series of small falls.  Seasoned travelers recommend watching the locals do it a few times first, and to not be foolish by starting all the way at the top.


If you don’t feel like being that risky, there are plenty of waterfalls in Fiji to just admire. Bouma National Park offers the Tavoro Waterfalls which are stunning (pictured above).  Depending on how high you want to climb, the hike can be challenging. Make sure to wear proper gear and bring plenty of water.



Visit a Hindu temple.


With a significant portion of Fiji’s population practicing Hindu, a visit to a local temple is in order. Here you can peek into the rich and varied religious culture of this community.  If you visit during July or August, try to witness one of the legendary firewalking ceremonies.



Take a moment to be a cheesy tourist.


Fiji is filled with tourist-centric activities, from renting a jet ski to paragliding excursions. If any of these strike your fancy, make sure to go, even if it seems a little cheesy. You are going to remember paddling on an aqua trike in the South Pacific for the rest of your life. Who cares if the locals chuckle a little?