Your Tahiti Honeymoon To Do List: 8 Great Attractions

Your Tahiti Honeymoon To Do List: 8 Great Attractions


When you go to Tahiti on your honeymoon, it would be very easy for you to never leave your resort. From their beach property to the yummy cocktails at the hotel bar, there are plenty of good reasons to stay.  But if you want to venture out, we’ve found 8 great attractions and sites for you to visit during your Tahitian honeymoon!



Fautaua Waterfall


Known by several different names in Tahiti, this waterfall is the reward after a difficult hike. While not as dramatic as some of the more famous waterfalls, it is one of the tallest and most beautiful in Tahiti. Surrounded by untamed rainforest, it is an unforgettable stop for the outdoorsy couple looking for a bit of adventure.





This small city is the capital of French Polynesia. Plan on spending a day here strolling shopping districts and sampling local cuisine.  Whether traveling by air or sea, you will arrive in Tahiti via this hub.  Visit the municipal market to find a broad selection of local wares and souvenirs before you venture home.  Take a walk along the recently constructed waterfront esplanade and treat yourself to some sweets from the food trucks as you watch the boats sail by.




The first of two beaches we will mention here, Papenoo, is an expanse of black sand (pictured above).  The result of volcanic eruption, black sand beaches are beautiful and unique.  Unlike Papenoo, Le Plage de Maui features white sand on this stretch of coastline.  Either way, it’s a fantastic way to spend an early evening–strolling the beaches and trying out a frozen treat from one of the local vendors.



Aorai Mountain


When hiking this beautiful mountain, remember that is is so lush and green for a reason. Often rainy and cooler than other parts of the region, trails can be muddy and slippery. Remember to bring appropriate waterproof layers and good hiking shoes to stay safe and comfortable.  If you do hike on a rainy day, you might not get the great views, but it is still a really lovely escape from the tourist fare.



Lava Tubes of Hitiaa


It’s not every day that you can explore tunnels once created by lava, hiking through one to the next.  Although you can certainly undertake this site alone, you may want to sign up with a local tour. Experienced guides will be able to explain the history of these lava tubes to you and give you answers to all of your questions.  Between transportation there and the hike itself, plan to spend the entire day. If you have one, bring a headlamp for your time within each tube.



Taha’a Vanilla Tour


This island grows so much vanilla that visitors say you can actually smell it in the air upon arrival at one of the plantations.  In fact, the majority of Tahiti’s famous vanilla is grown on Taha’a. Take a tour and learn about the vanilla crop and production. You can even buy vanilla beans there to take home with you!  It’s a very tranquil and relaxing day trip when you need a respite from sunbathing and playing in the water.



Mara’a Grotto


Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit when you drive to the Mara’a Grotto. You’re going to want to jump in and cool off!  Once a favorite destination of artist Paul Gauguin, the grotto’s surroundings are stunning, with lush ferns and tropical flowers.  This is a relatively small area, so it’s great for a stop along the way to another destination or just for a quick outing.



Taravao Plateau


Want a completely different landscape? Head to the northern end of Tahiti Iti for pastoral views.  Rolling fields of crops and livestock await you.  Rent a car and spend the afternoon savoring the vistas.  Because the road climbs a bit, expect for the temperature to get a little cooler and breezier, making the sunny weather even more pleasant.