Your Turks & Caicos Itinerary

Your Turks & Caicos Itinerary




Turks and Caicos, a unique collection of islands, is filled with beautiful scenery and a rich history.  Unlike some other nearby countries, Turks and Caicos has a combination of sandy beaches and flat, rocky coastline as shown above (giving you plenty of diverse backdrops for your photos). Here are 5 places we think you should visit on your Turks and Caicos destination wedding or honeymoon!



Middle Caicos Caves


Don’t visit this country without planning a trip to the Middle Caicos Caves. Find a guide or tour company to explore this chain of limestone caves, the largest in the Caribbean. As with many caves, some passages are really narrow or cramped, so you may want to avoid this destination if you are uncomfortable in small spaces.  Otherwise, make sure to dress in easy layers and reliable shoes. The whole trip will only take an afternoon, so you’ll have plenty of time to return to the hotel pool and cool off.



Cheshire Hall


Once the largest cotton plantation on Providenciales, many of its stone buildings remain as ruins. The cotton industry ended in Turks and Caicos following widespread insect infestation in the mid-19th century. Wander around the paths and learn about the purpose for each of the structures, as well as the wildlife living in the area. You can go here with a tour group or just explore on your own.



John Glenn Exhibit


One of the most momentous moments in the U.S. space race has a unique connection to Turks and Caicos. When John Glenn returned from his flight in 1962 (when he was the first American to orbit Earth), he actually splashed down near Grand Turk. You can see historical exhibits affiliated with this momentous occasion at a statue created on the island. Stop by for a quick photo op.



Chalk Sound


One of the most beautiful spots in Turks and Caicos is Chalk Sound, which is located on the southwest edge of Providenciales.  Whether you paddle out into the gorgeous shallow waters, or just stand and admire the view of the collection of rocky mini islands dotting the lagoon, you’re in for a splendid afternoon!  As stated earlier, areas of the coastline in Turks and Caicos’ islands can be rocky. This area is no exception–so watch for rough drop-offs and other spots you might trip over as you explore.



Salt Cay


Most people visit this island to snorkel off the island’s coast or spot humpback whales in the early part of the year as they migrate.  At one point this island supported the country’s salt industry, and you can still find many colonial era houses and small buildings here.  Although Salt Cay is the second-largest of the Turks and Caicos islands, it’s still very small. Expect simple transportation like bikes and golf carts to be available.