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10 Darling Floral Arches for Your Wedding Ceremony

10 Darling Floral Arches for Your Wedding Ceremony

Whether you get married in the middle of a field or in the sanctuary of a church, floral arches can give your space added color and structure.  Floral ceremony arches can be really be a really beautiful central detail at your wedding. Here are 10 gorgeous examples for you to consider for your main event!






Woodland Fairytale


This dramatic arch is composed of woven branches filled in with moss and greenery. Decorated with clusters of roses and hydrangeas, there is also a very pretty crystal chandelier hanging from the center. After the ceremony, use this arch for the background of your family portraits and fun selfies with your guests.








Pretty in Pink


It’s a classic for a reason. A sweet arch with dreamy organza drapes accented by bunches of pretty pink flowers will fit right in at any traditional wedding.








Mountain Rustic


We love the creativity of this arch’s structure! Built into planter boxes bursting with colorful blooms, this rustic detail is a terrific way to brighten up an outdoor wedding.  You could build a similar style arch for a Southwestern wedding using branches and distressed terra cotta pots.








Dark Magic


Maybe it’s the Jane Eyre fans in us, but we can’t help but be partial to moody romance. This dark-leaved arch is deep eggplant towards the bottom leading up to a rich and luxurious swath of neutral and jewel-toned flowers.








Autumnal Harvest


Fall is the season of bright leaves, not bright flowers. Use what’s around you for your autumn wedding and create an arch using yards of burlap surrounding a petite arch. Tuck leaves and ivy in and around the burlap, allowing them to peek out.  This arch also features a makeshift ‘altar’ underneath–a beautiful vintage end table to hold candles for a sunset wedding.








Lush & Bold


While you could certainly have this technicolor arch at a garden wedding, we love how it pops against this stark field.  Ideal for a farm wedding, this arch is a definite centerpiece for your ceremony. And the arch is built solidly enough that it can be housed in your own backyard garden for years to come.








Elegant Vines


For this patio ceremony, this arch has an ‘overgrown’ quality, with the ivy extending from the gauzy curtains to the guests’ chairs.  Also notice the extra long draperies pooling at the bottom of the arch for a dramatic touch.






Secret Garden


Using vintage garden gates is a brilliant idea for creating your ceremony arch. This Southern wedding’s arch is decorated with flowers in sherbet brights, providing an excellent contrast with the weathered metal of the gate.  This is another arch that should definitely become a family heirloom and reside at your home!








Simple Greenery


You don’t need to spend a bunch of money on flowers to have an enchanting ceremony arch. Layer your arch with different leaves, ivy, baby’s breath, and a few white roses here and there. This option above was used indoors and goes well with the plain walls and simple decor.








Modern Minimalism


If there was ever such a thing as a ‘pop-up’ arch this one is it. With a simple design that easily breaks down, it uses ferns, flowers, and greenery to give this indoor space color and warmth.




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