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10 Favorite Movie Weddings & Why They Are So Memorable

Our favorite movie weddings and the details to copy.

Bridesmaids— The movie poster spawned countless wedding album copycats. I’ve seen more tough-girl lineups than I care to admit (ladies, it’s okay to smile). But those pink dresses? Pretty spectacular.  I like them even more than the lilac ones used in the actual wedding, and those sophisticated numbers are pretty hard to beat.  And even though it is a ridiculous comedy, it does show us that emotions can run high during wedding planning, so everyone (even a maid of honor) needs a little grace.

I Love You, Man— This wedding could actually be in the dictionary under ‘boho chic’. From Rashida Jones’ ah-mazing relaxed, cotton wedding dress to the sunny yellow color palette (a brunette’s best friend), this is one of the best ocean front weddings in any movie, ever. Period.

Father of the Bride— Steve Martin pays for what is possibly one of the most extravagant backyard weddings ever designed. I still ooh and ahh over the lavish reception tent filled with candlelight, stuffed with lush florals, and string lights draped everywhere.  And Diane Keaton’s mother of the bride dress? Shutting. It. Down.

Sound of Music— We don’t get to see much of the wedding, but who needs the rest when we get to see that dress.  Julie Andrews rocks what is one of the most epic wedding gowns ever created.  It’s voluminous and stunning with long sleeves and a high neck.  You can’t see more than an inch of skin, but it still manages to be super glamorous.

Love, Actually— If you need to blame a wedding for the flash mob trend, look no further than Love, Actually.  Of course, we spend most of the time feeling bad for the besotted best man, but this wedding is seriously beautiful. And even if a spontaneous chorus of ‘All You Need is Love’ isn’t your thing (what’s wrong with you?), the sight of Keira Knightly and Chiwetel Ejiofor departing via boat is pretty romantic.

Steel Magnolias— Some of you think there isn’t much to mimic from Julia Roberts’ over-the-top wedding straight out of the 1980s. You’d be wrong. Without this wedding we wouldn’t ever be able to utter the phrase, ‘blush and bashful.’  And that would just be a shame.  This wedding defines Southern femininity and traditional style.

Sex and the City— Okay, so really this movie is all about the tension between two weddings: the dream wedding and the one that makes sense for the couple.  For the record, I giggled with joy in the theater during Carrie’s Vogue fashion shoot. Those dresses!  And the bridesmaid dresses were fabulous perfection. But in my book, nothing beats the sweet, just-the-two-of-us city hall wedding in the end.

The Proposal–It’s a fake wedding that ended up not happening, but it still counts. Ryan Reynolds as handsome groom, check.  Lovely heirloom gown, check.  Rustic barn venue with trees and string lights, check, check, check! For a wedding that was ill-fated from the beginning, it certainly had rustic glam on lock.

My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding— The actual wedding is not my fave.  And with those bridesmaid dresses, I don’t think any of us are supposed to start pinning stills to our boards.  But what this wedding movie shows us is just how important family is, and how to navigate the decisions we make while maintaining those bonds.  And when in doubt, just put a little Windex on it.

The Best Man— I go crazy for this wedding’s style each time I see it. Gorgeous guys in tuxedos, bridesmaids in figure-flaunting sheath dresses with gardenias in their hair, and the music. Oh, the music! If you need a soundtrack for your wedding, look no further than this playlist.