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10 Food & Wine Wedding Favors

10 Food & Wine Wedding Favors

Edible favors can be the best sort of treat for your wedding guests.  Delight them with something sweet or savory for the ride home.  Here are 10 food and wine ideas that will appeal to foodie couples.

1. Deliciously Delicate Meringues

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good macaron, but they’re not as unique as they used to be. Replace those confections with delicate meringues in a variety of light flavors. They will break and crack just like macarons, so box them up rather than stacking them in bags.

2. Banana Bread in a Jar

Is your grandmother’s banana bread recipe legendary?  Make these charming banana bread jars and cover them with vintage fabric as a fitting favor for a farm wedding. Not a fan of Mason jars?  Instead, prepare them in mini bundt pans and wrap them in clear bags.

3. Nostalgically Sprinkled Donuts

There are few things more instantly joyful than a donut covered in frosting and sprinkles. Purchase your local favorites and wrap them in individual packages with cute labels.

4. A Burst of Bubbly

Your guests will remember all the fun of your reception when they pop open the glittering bottle of champagne you gave them as a thank you for attending.

5. A Nice Bold Red

Did you two labor over which wine to pair with the meal at the reception? We’re sure your guests are going to appreciate the fantastic dinner awaiting them. Send them off at the end of the night with a small bottle of red to enjoy later.

6. Fiesta-Ready Tequila

Your signature cocktail happens to be a killer margarita to go with your fiesta theme. Your guests can try their hand at making their own drinks when you give them a tiny bottle of tequila.

7. Cuppa Joe

Do you have a bunch of guests coming to your wedding from out of town?  Pass out bags of your favorite grind in twine-wrapped paper bags. They can wait to brew it until they get home, or tear it open the next morning to use in the hotel coffeemaker.

8. Oil & Vinegar

We love wedding favors that remind us of visiting bountiful farmers markets. This oil and vinegar set will be a delicious treat for your guests the next time they buy a crusty baguette.

9. Canned Goodies

Is your idea of a DIY canning veggies straight from your garden?  Your friends and family will love the thoughtfulness of your extra-spicy pickles (above) or homemade jam!

10. Something for Breakfast

Your guests leave after a fabulous meal with a yummy dessert. Continue treating them with a special alternative to their typical bowl of corn flakes. This homemade granola goes well with milk, or as a yogurt topping.

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