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10 Simple Bridesmaid Asks that Won’t Break the Bank!

10 Simple Bridesmaid Asks that Won’t Break the Bank!

Inexpensive but meaningful, these simple bridesmaid ask ideas will have your gals saying ‘yes’ in no time.

Have you looked at the gift boxes for bridesmaid asks on Pinterest lately?  Don’t get us wrong, if you can afford giving ten of your closest friends an Oscar party-worthy bag o’ swag, you should totally do that. But for the rest of us mere mortals, we’ve got a budget to stick to!  Here are 10 very charming and very affordable ways to pop the question to your best gal pals.

1. Paper Doll Parade

Unless you think one of your friends might turn down the role, celebrate your close-knit group of bridesmaids with this paper doll-inspired card.  Break out your crafting supplies and create cutout versions of your fave people.

2. Personalized Glass Jars

Fill petite glass jars with delicious candy and then attach a Polaroid of each of your potential bridesmaids. Invite them over to your place and hand them out when asking them if they will be a part of your big day.

3. Festive Confetti Poppers

You can choose to buy poppers, or make your own. Above, this colorful option was used as a playful save-the-date, but the same concept is perfect for a lighthearted bridesmaid ask. This is an especially fun alternative to a traditional card for long-distance bridal party members.

4. Modern Photo Flipbook

Another lovely idea for bridesmaids scattered across the country is to send them a photo flipbook of you asking them to be in your bridal party.  Because, seriously, who doesn’t love getting a package in the mail?

5. Something for Happy Tears

You can never have enough vintage handkerchiefs, especially when there’s a wedding. Give your friends something chic to wipe away happy tears with this bridesmaid ask.  You can buy them identical ones, or select a unique one for each of them in their favorite color.

6. A Tiny Gift Bag

You don’t have to go all-out to put together a sweet bridesmaid ask gift. The one above included a nail polish to match the wedding colors, but you can fill this muslin bag with anything, from silly to practical.

7. Their Own Rings

Include either a simple ring for them to wear or a keychain ring to symbolize the ‘popping’ of the question.  The card above affixes the ring with a piece of washi tape in a modern design.

8. Surprising ‘Starbucks’ Cup

Treat your friends to coffee and surprise them with lattes in these personalized cups.  They might just be halfway through their drinks before they notice!

9. An Instagram Mug of Their Own

The new classic Instagram engagement ring shot is one of a bride flashing her new bling while holding a mug.  Let your friends in on all the fun with one of these personalized mugs of their own.

10. Bottled Bridesmaid Ask

When in doubt, bribe them with a little vino.  Stick one of these labels on a reasonably-priced (so many great wines are available for under $20) bottle of wine.

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