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10 Wedding Planning Questions to Ask Your Venue Before You Sign the Contract

10 Wedding Planning Questions to Ask Your Venue Before You Sign the Contract

Don’t give in to the stress of picking a venue! We’re here to help with a list of questions for you to ask before you make it official.

Wedding planning can be daunting — and one of the most immediate sources of stress is choosing a venue. But you don’t have to worry! We have the top 10 questions to ask when you’re out touring venues for the big day. Don’t forget, the venue is there for you not only the day of, but all the days leading up to the ceremony as well.

Is the date we’re looking at available?

If you’re scoping out venues before you’ve selected a date, that’s okay! Just make sure to ask about varying rates on the dates you have in mind. Some venues will give a discount for ceremonies that occur on a Friday instead of a Saturday, or in the early afternoon, rather than the evening.

What is the total cost and how can it be paid?

Of course, wedding planning comes with a lot of card swiping and check writing. But make sure you know the total cost upfront and how that can be broken down (and if the venue has a deposit or payment schedule). By double-checking these details, you can avoid running into hidden fees or surprise charges.

What is the decoration policy?

Before you start thinking up plans to hang lights from the ceiling and string confetti or flowers all over, make sure to ask what is and isn’t allowed when decorating. If booking your venue is one of the last steps in your wedding planning process, bring some pictures and sketches as an example of what you have planned so they know what to expect.

Do we have to use a specific caterer, or can we choose our own?

Some venues have a list of preferred vendors that they like working with. This may be an issue if you already have someone lined up, but using one of their recommendations may even save you some money!

What, if anything, can be added to the contract?

After thoroughly reading through a potential venue’s contract, you may notice that there are things they didn’t address. Maybe there is no alcohol policy, or they don’t mention whether or not they require event insurance. Both of these items would be a good thing to add to the contract before signing. Just make sure all parties agree with what is being added.

Are there any noise restrictions?

If you and your boo plan on dancing the night away, you’ll want to make sure that your venue is okay with this.

Who would be the point of contact for the day of and leading up to the event?

Whoever this person is, you may want to meet them when you tour the venue for the first time. It can be difficult communicating through email and phone calls when you haven’t met face to face and you want to ensure their event contact is someone you’ll enjoy working with.

What’s included when we rent the venue?

Chair, tables, dining utensils — whatever it is, you’ll want to know what the venue will handle and what you’ll need to worry about.

What are the options for inclement weather?

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, or even just a ceremony, you’ll want to know what plans the venue has in place for severe weather. Umbrellas? Heat lamps? Whatever it is, make note of it.

What’s the cancellation policy and is the deposit refundable?

While we hope a canceled ceremony isn’t in the cards for you, we understand that things happen. Be prepared ahead of time by asking what the policy is. This includes a time frame for when you can expect to get your money back (if applicable).

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