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15 Wedding Favors Guaranteed to Wow Your Crowd

15 Wedding Favors Guaranteed to Wow Your Crowd



You don’t want to waste a chunk of your wedding budget on favors that will be immediately discarded.  Here are 15 wedding favors that your guests will adore!





‘Ugh. I hate it when a tiny bottle of Patron is waiting for me at my place setting,’ said no one ever.  Your friends and family will have so much fun trying to recreate those delicious margaritas from your wedding with one of these bad boys.







You know what else everyone loves?  Carbs.  Delicious ooey gooey carbs. For a vineyard wedding, hand your friends a baguette on their way out. If you are planning an all-out, wild party until dawn, you might want to provide your guests with hangover-friendly cinnamon rolls.

Do you have family members begging you to give them a wedding task?  Get one of your relatives to make their famous family recipe, such as these Italian wedding cookies (below).












Some of our favorite favors involve celebrating the local bounty around your wedding. Summer weddings are a lovely time to hand out jam made from regional produce. We also think that this tiny firestarter kit with pine needles is perfectly appropriate for a rustic event in the Northwest.  Not able to have your wedding during your favorite season?  That’s okay. You can always infuse sugar with your favorite local herb or fruit and save it for your wedding date.











Candy is a traditional wedding favor for a reason. A sweet little treat on the way home can be a great way to cap off an eventful night. The key to a candy favor everyone will love?  Cute packaging. Use washi-tape to close vellum bags (above) or print out modern tags to create the coolest boxes (below).







Vibrant and lively DIY projects are all the rage right now. Simply wrap bright floss around a tiny pot to make a fun container for your candy.








Want to give something a little more permanent?  You can always hand out jars of wildflower seeds (easy to plant and maintain–no green thumb required) and make your own sweet label.  Or pre-plant your flower favor by assembling tiny terrariums that double as place card holders (below).






Are you ridiculously proud of your wedding playlist?  Hand out copies of all the music everyone loved as a terrific surprise for your guests.






When in doubt, personalize something useful to ensure it doesn’t end up in tomorrow’s trash.  These pencils (above) would be so much fun at a schoolhouse or library-themed wedding. If you have a bit more money to spend, these coffee mugs (below) are practical and hilarious (a truly winning combo).






Got a lot of kiddos attending your wedding?  An entertaining favor will help keep them happy! We love these clipboards and coloring sets. They’re so much fun, we’re betting a few adults will try and sneak off with them, too.





Want more ideas for clever DIY favors?




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