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20 Stylish Seating Charts to Greet Your Reception Guests

20 Stylish Seating Charts to Greet Your Reception Guests

Figuring out who should sit at which tables can be a total headache.  However, creating your seating chart?  A total blast. These 20 creative seating charts run the gamut from elegant to playful.






1. This paper crane and wooden pallet seating chart is fitting for an industrial chic wedding. Super simple to DIY, it is one of the most affordable options on this list (but it is just as cool).






2. Got an artsy side?  Use an easel as a unique stand. Take your chart to a printer and have them print it out large scale on adhesive vinyl to affix it to the board.






3. This modern seating chart combines office supply basics with neon lights for a bold statement.  Decorated with fringed garland, this DIY option is so much fun!






4. Distressed shutters have become the new standard for rustic wedding seating charts. Find them at a thrift or specialty hardware store and use mini clothespins to attach the Kraft paper escort cards.






5. What couples doesn’t want to see the world together?  Travel-themed weddings are growing in popularity. We love this idea of using a vintage suitcase to store escort cards styled like luggage tags, with each table representing a different international airport.






6. Seating charts aren’t just for large weddings. Even if you have a smaller guest list, people still need to know where to sit!  Place photos in Polaroid paper ‘frames’ and assemble your own chart.






7. Izze sodas are pretty magical with their fizzy fruit flavors.  It’s a refreshing way to greet your guests as they arrive from your wedding ceremony. Arrange bottles with escort card by flavor/color and you have a very sweet seating chart!






8. For your vintage wedding, find an impressive frame and replace whatever was inside with a glass pane. Write your seating chart with a metallic Sharpie. Later, you can discard the seating chart and use the frame for a mirror or bulletin board.






9. String art meets A Beautiful Mind with this brilliant seating chart. Connect each guest’s name with color-coded string to the corresponding table.






10. Paper cranes are symbols of hope and prosperity. So, it’s fitting that you would use them for a vibrant seating chart (just give yourself plenty of time–these cranes take longer than you might think).






11.  This amazing rotary phone seating chart might seem a little unconventional, but it was for a couple who built their long distance relationship over the phone.  This just proves that original, meaningful ideas are usually the very best ones.






12. Add a little color to your nautical wedding with these life preserver seating charts!  You could display them on a wall or on a dock.






13.  Plant your escort cards into moss covered pots with this lovely botanical seating chart. Hand the plants out to your relatives after the reception.






14. Want a romantic, pretty seating chart?  This professionally printed option bordered with pink flowers is a beautiful choice for any wedding.






15. Create escort cards with personalized table number pins and attach them to a cork board. With cute bunting along the top, it’s a welcoming display for your reception!






16. Wine corks are the usual go-to for vineyard wedding seating charts, but we think we love using wine bottles even more. Each bottle’s label features the guest names for one table, while also being used as a vase.






17. Whimsically modern brides will love the idea of using gold-painted balloons as a dynamic seating chart!  Put a table number on each balloon and then attach escort cards to the string.






18. Another genius idea for a small wedding seating chart is this graphic above. It’s clean and modern and as this was a destination wedding in California, features a local theme.






19. Break out your rolls of washi tape and get to decorating!  You can simply separate by table number or also use matching tape patterns for each table.






20. Clip leaves to a clothesline for a darling garden wedding seating chart. Write guest names in metallic Sharpie. Although any type of leaf will do, we suggest magnolia leaves for their dark color and thick, waxy texture.




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