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24 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Man

When it comes to buying the perfect gift for your guy, we’ve got you covered. No need to stress out this Valentine’s Day because we’ve got the perfect gift for that your boyfriend or husband will love no matter what his interests are.

Have him fall in love with you all over again after giving him a gift that he’ll truly love. Happy shopping!

The Globetrotter

Bellroy Travel Wallet: Although he may be loyal to his current wallet (we all know how guys are) we are pretty sure that he will trade in his old tri-fold for something a lot better. This all-weather wallet features internal slots for his cash, iPhone and passport and it will still fit in his pants pocket. Buy it for him now for $140 here.

Portable Phone Charger: Running out of battery on your phone is the absolute worst. Especially if you’re hopping on a plane or traveling in a different country. Give your guy piece of mind with the ultimate portable power bank to charge his phone. Plus, he’ll never have an excuse to not text you before bed again. Keep him charged up for only $25

The Music Junkie

Pocket Boom Box: Give him the freedom to jam out to his favorite tunes wherever he is. This pocket-sized speaker made from recycled mint tins (yes, really!) will make sure that his carefully crafted playlists are always available to be heard. This mini music player comes in many different styles and accommodates any device with a headphone jack. Start getting your groove on for $75 here.

Portable Cruiser Turntable: Give your guy the gift of music with this three-speed turntable that emphasizes portability with its briefcase- style design. With built-in stereo speakers and an MP3 or phone audio device, he’ll be ready to spin the classics while staying super stylish. Get it in 8 different styles for $80 here. 

The Grooming Guy

Fields and Forests Men’s Grooming Set: You can appreciate a good pampering so let your man in on the fun! This luxe grooming set comes complete with deodorant, body spray, aftershave, pomade, beard balm and soap. The subtle earthy fragrances will have you snuggling up to him even closer than usual. Buy it here for $60. 

Hey Handsome Shaving Kit: Does your man rock a beard or keep his facial hair trimmed to perfection? This rugged duck canvas and waterproof shaving bag is perfect for his shaving necessities and has an adorable message for him waiting at the bottom. Buy it here for $68.

The BBQ Master

Lillies Q BBQ Sauces: Balanced with smoke, heat, sweet and savory flavors, his taste buds will explode with this collection of BBQ sauces. Somebody start the grill because once he starts, he won’t be able to stop. Buy the different flavors here for $8 each.

The BBQ Briefcase:  Your picnic dates just got a whole lot better. Whether it’s a romantic date for two or a rowdy tailgate with his guys, this fully functioning charcoal grill will definitely spark a flame. Get it here for $76.

The On-The-Go Guy

Hershel Duffle Bag: Make packing better for your on-the-go guy with this classic duffel designed with an exterior zip shoe compartment and double carrying handles. He’ll be thinking of you every time he is traveling or running errands. Buy it here for $85. 

Skull Candy Wireless Headphones: Wireless headphones are an absolute must for a long commute or an avid walker. With powerful bass-forward and distortion-free audio, these lightweight headphones are perfect for him to grab on his way out the door. Get him a pair here for $50. 

The Dapper Drinker

Facundo Collection: Bacardi introduced its Facundo collection of high-end rum sippers for those who appreciate a well-rested aged spirit. Give your guy a taste of luxury with one of these elevated rum bottles. Prices vary by bottle.

Spirits Tasting Flight: For the man who can’t live without his nightcap, this gift will give him the comfort of tasting new discoveries and old favorites right from his couch. This includes three small 45ml bottles of Scottish whiskey and an easy-to-follow chart to help him distinguish the unique flavor profiles. Get two months for $50 here.

The Fashion Fella

Chambray and Antelope Print Necktie: Forgo the standard plaid or paisley tie in favor of a quirky vintage antelope print tie on one side and chambray gray on the other. It’s not over-the-top wild but it will definitely tune in to his personal style. Dress him up for $98. 

Stainless Steel Collar Stays: Does your man suit up for work every day? Get these stainless steel collar stays engraved with your initials, a special date or a cute message so that those late nights at work will turn into a reminder of how much you love him. Buy them here for $15.

The Bookworm

New York Times Custom Birthday Book: Commemorate his birthday with a book full The New York Times front pages for that specific day each year. This is a gift that he will treasure forever and will make him feel extra special. Let the memories begin here for $100.

Literary Lovers Book Cufflinks: For a little twist on classic cufflinks, you can create a pair with reproductions from his all-time favorite reads for only $25 here.

The Beer Enthusiast

Varieties of Beer Tumbler: Not a gushy guy? Opt for a gift that is more fun. Beer aficionados will love this flow chart tumbler that breaks down his favorite beverage and keeps it at the optimal drinking temperature. As if he needed another excuse to kick back with a cold one. Start pouring for $16 here.

Magnetic Bottle Opener: Never hear, “Where’s the bottle opener?” again. Made from oak bourbon barrels, this rustic and powerfully magnetic beer opener will find a permanent home on your fridge. Buy it here for $53.

The Outdoor Dude

Leather Wrapped Candles: Available in three woodsy scents (cedarwood and patchouli, tobacco and vanilla, and sandalwood and lavender), these rustic candles will transport him to the wooded forests without leaving his living room. Buy his favorite scent here for $22.

Waterproof Baseball Cap: In a classic style, this durable and water-resistant fabric will keep your guy dry and comfortable on his fishing trips or hiking adventures. More colors available here for $35.

The Full On Foodie

Murray’s Cheese Greatest Hits: Tired of the same cheese cubes at every party you’ve been to? Up his taste buds with this cheese greatest hits ration pack. Full of gooey brie, tangy cheddar and some of the best gruyere you’ll ever experience, your guy will thank you again and again for this thoughtful gift. Get this NYC cheese shop packaged and sent to you for $80 here.

Custom Treats: There is something about rice krispie treats that bring out our inner child. With bunches of flavors to suit his taste. Go all out by uploading a message or even a photo of the two of you that he can bite into and think of you. Get 12 for $38 here.

The Hopeless Romantic

Floating Heart Boxers: You’ll be on his mind every time he gets dressed in the morning with these 100% cotton tiny heart boxers. Get your hands on a pair here for $18.50

You’re the Spring in my Step Book: Okay, this might be a little cheesy but that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about, right? This tiny 160-page book is full of quirky you-complete-me phrases that will keep your gift giving lighthearted and fun. With phrases such as “You’re the Batman to my Robin,” he won’t be able to stop turning the pages. Get it here for $8.

The Lovable Nerd

Game of Phones: He’s already got his phone glued to his hand, why not use it for something that will create a game in the real world. This fun game will turn his trusty cell phone into the subject of a scavenger hunt between him and his friends. Only the fastest and funniest will survive. Buy it here for $20.

Vintage Superman Money Clip: He often comes to your rescue, and now it’s your turn. Get your guy this vintage Superman money clip to keep his dollar bills organized. Get it here for $37.