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3 Registry Gifts for Your First Child—Your Pet

Don’t forget this special family member.

Your pet has been there throughout your relationship, and has strengthened it along the way—it’s not easy to care for a living thing, but together, you’ve bonded over nurturing him or her. That’s why you shouldn’t forget the animal in your life when you’re building your registry. Plus, your pet’s things should be as chic as the rest of your home! Here, a few items that you should considering adding to your wishlist that’ll benefit you and your non-human companion.


Something to Serve Your Pet’s Food In

By now, you’re well aware of the golden rule of pet-keeping: You have to feed your friend! If your pet requires a place for their food that takes up floor space out in the open, we advise asking for something to serve it in that isn’t a total eyesore. These bowls are sleek and stylish, for example.

Magisso Large Bowls, starting at $40,

Something to Store Your Pet’s Food In

When the food’s not out, it should be stored somewhere safe. Bins like these will look good wherever you put them, whether it’s in a cabinet, on a shelf, or somewhere else in your place of abode.

Simplehuman Airtight Bins, starting at $129,

Furniture for Your Pet

The specifics depend on the kind of pet you own, but no matter what, your animal requires (or at the very least, deserves) a place of their own. This might be a cage, a scratching post that doubles as a spot to perch from, or a comfy bed to rest in, like this fashionable one.

Carolina Pet Company x Pendleton ‘Yosemite National Park’ Bed, $119,