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3 Registry Gifts That You’ll Use All Year

They’re everday essentials. 

It’s fun to register for a few seasonal presents, and you absolutely should. But you’ll also be glad that you asked for day-to-day staples, too. If you’re looking for items that’ll get a ton of air time in your shared home, consider these ideas, which are bound to become go-tos throughout your married life.


Must-Have Gadgets

Instead of making a daily visit to your favorite coffee shop, try getting your caffeine fix at home. A versatile machine like the one above makes both hot and cold drinks, plus various types of brews, so you’ll be able to sip on whatever you’re craving, whenever. If you aren’t a coffee person, get a gadget for tea, or even one for the sparkling water that you love!

Ninja ‘Single-Serve’ Coffee Bar, $159.99,

Everyday Tableware

Go ahead and register for some showy dishes and utensils, which are great for special occasions. But for weeknight dinners and other average meals, chances are, you’ll want to reach for something simple. Standard sets like this one will come in handy day after day.

CB2 ‘Kat’ Flatware Set, $89.95,

Basic Linens

Talk about things that are used on a daily basis! Not only are towels, sheets, and the likes practical additions to your registry, but if you ask for the right ones, they’ll be so comforting, you’d want to use them constantly (even if you didn’t have to)!

Martha Stewart Collection ‘Sleep Cloud’ Comforter, starting at $120,