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5 Luxe Registry Ideas That Are Under $50

5 Luxe Registry Ideas That Are Under $50
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These wedding gifts only look expensive.


The dilemma: You want a home filled with impressive and quality products, but you know that you can’t register for only high-end gifts. The solution: Find luxe presents with surprising price tags. To wow your house guests without disrespecting your wedding attendees’ budgets, look to the following ideas for registry inspiration.





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Elegant Materials

Anthropologie ‘Barbaza’ Coaster

Price: $32.00

Chic materials like marble instantly elevate a space, and luckily, there are plenty of options that aren’t too pricey. Take this fancy table coaster. It may be a statement piece, but it won’t reflect poorly on your gift giver’s bank statement.

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Durable Goods

Urban Outfitters Canvas Laundry Bag

Price: $39.00

Products that last are especially valuable. This sturdy hamper is the perfect example for your laundry room or bathroom, and the clean design makes it appear even more expensive.

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Kitchen Upgrades

CB2 Acacia Salt and Pepper Mills

Price: $33.90

Try finding something with a reasonable cost that’s one step up from a home essential. We love these gorgeous salt and pepper grinders, which are a nicer alternative to salt and pepper shakers.

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Something Metallic

West Elm ‘Love’ Sign

Price: $29.00

A touch of personality makes any home better, and a touch of silver, gold, or another shiny color only amplifies the appeal. Why not set the tone of a room—like the bedroom—with a stylish sign like this solid brass one?

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Extra Décor

Umbra ‘Trigg’ Vessels

Price: $40.00

You don’t need a ton of accent pieces, but they definitely make your abode seem more well-endowed. These architectural vessels look cutting edge (read: pricey) and can be used for anything from desk supplies to plants.