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5 Online Tests to Strengthen Your Relationship

If Buzzfeed has proven one thing, it’s that people love a good quiz.  These 5 assessments we help you get to know each other better and strengthen your communication skills.

We’re big advocates of couples counseling. There is something invaluable about working through key issues before you begin your new life together. So, while these tests are certainly no substitute, they can be an excellent addition!


This online test will tell you which of 9 core types you are. Generally speaking this assessment focuses on what motives you, which can be really helpful in discovering how the two of you best work together.  Marriage is often about working together to solve a problem (from paying the mortgage to compromising on parenting philosophies). The Enneagram assessment will help you get a head start.


While a trademarked Myers-Briggs assessment isn’t free, there are tons of different assessments that follow the same basic model. This one is free and easy to use.  You’re probably familiar with the concept (it is the most popular personality test) behind the results. Your type will shine a light on how you see the world, interact with others, and make plans for the future.

The 5 Love Languages

This relationship program began with a book and turned into a movement. This is one of the few online assessments that focuses solely on communication within a relationship. This one will tell you how you prefer to receive love (kind words, quality time, thoughtful presents, etc.).  If you are only going to do one of these, we think this one is the most immediately relevant for engaged couples.


So, heads up, this one isn’t free. But we think it is amazing, and well worth the money.  The guiding belief behind the Stengthsfinder is that if people stop focusing on their weaknesses and instead shift their attention to improving their strengths, they will grow exponentially rather than incrementally.  The assessment will inform you of your top 5 strengths as well as what you need from others to cultivate them properly. More than just the corporate lifesaver it is lauded to be, this test will get to the core of who you really are.

The Communication Quiz

This very quick test simply rates your effectiveness as a communicator.  Although intended to be more of a workplace analysis, it will challenge how well you present your thoughts and ideas. Not only will it let you know if you are a good ‘speaker’ but also just how much you listen and consider those you are interacting with. This test is a great conversation launching point for couples that struggle with expressing themselves.

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