Wedding Planning

5 Things NOT To Do When You First Get Engaged

There are a handful of articles out there on what to do once you get engaged, read below to find out what NOT to do right after getting engaged.

Recently, we talked about the first five things a bride (or groom) to-be should do when she (or he!) gets engaged. From calling your family to share the exciting news to sitting down and getting the framework of your budget together, they’re all fun and good and important.

However, it should probably be noted that there are also things that you should not do right when you get engaged. They’re pretty basic, and I’m sure all of you could help me add to this list, but when it comes down to it, these are the five things you should absolutely not do when that ring first slips onto your finger.

1. Don’t invite people to the wedding until you’ve had the chance to talk it over with your spouse-to-be and really thing through your guest list. Why? Honestly, because the last thing you want to end up doing is realizing that your budget, your plans and the number of people you’ve invited don’t line up…which results in one of two situations: awkward or expensive.

2. Don’t pick your wedding party right away. Unless you’ve got a very specific number of very obvious best friends, odds are this is a relationship dynamic with a lot of variables. I don’t mean to sounds callous or rude, or offend anyone, but I know that I had several friends who could very easily have become bridesmaids and didn’t, and vice versa. Not for any particular reason, but for things like travel cost and the time they had available…and my husband and I deciding that we wanted to keep our wedding party small.

3. Don’t make too many plans before you set your budget. You may find that your dream wedding is less expensive or maybe more expensive than you thought…it’s just easier if you don’t get too attached to specific items before you know how much you have to spend.

4. Don’t buy your dress until you know what your wedding is going to look and feel like. But try on lots of them. Seriously. As many as you want.

5. Don’t stress. Not worth it. At any point. Yes, you’ll have lots of decisions to make and plans to form and possibly a sticky and/or awkward situation or two (all of mine had to do with one little thing: the guest list. But we got through it.) but hey, it’s your wedding! Have fun. And don’t forget to let your one-and-only know that you think he (or she) is just really great every once and a while.

Photo credit: Katee Grace Photography